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World Osteoporosis Day Reminds Us of Bone Health

With October 20 being World Osteoporosis Day, it is time to ponder over how healthy your bones are. Are you doing enough strength training to keep your bones strong? Do you get enough vitamin D? Do you eat leafy greens, calcium-laden foods, and protein-rich foods?

Family physicians at urgent care clinic in Pentagon emphasize on bone health, especially after 30. Bone density decreases with age; but if you take a good diet and indulge in regular exercise, you can keep your bones as strong as possible irrespective of age.

Significance of the theme of World Osteoporosis Day

This year’s theme of World Osteoporosis Day “Build Better Bones” puts focus on a lifestyle that promotes bone health.

Do you know just 20 per cent of osteoporosis patients get diagnosed and treated?

Many people are not aware of the condition. Many don’t know their bone health. Osteoporosis does not show symptoms. People usually get diagnosed during a random bone health exam or when a fracture occurs.

In Arlington, family healthcare urgent care clinic handles cases of minor fractures and fall injuries. The elderly are usually prone to fractures, as their bone density becomes low with age, making their bones fragile.

As per medical observation, females tend to lose bone density by a whopping 20 per cent after 5-7 years of attaining menopause.

World Osteoporosis Day is observed to spread awareness about bone health and to encourage people to visit their nearest clinic for a bone health analysis. An early diagnosis and treatment can save your bones from further deterioration.

Family physicians at urgent care clinic in Pentagon can help you in knowing your bone health.

Tips to keep bones healthy

It is natural to lose some bone density as you age, but that does not mean you cannot keep your bones healthy and strong. According to doctors, the following activities can promote bone health remarkably well:

  1. Good diet

A diet rich in calcium, magnesium, protein, and phosphorus is great for bones. Do not forget to take your daily intake of Vitamin D.

  1. Active lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle leads to weaker bones; so does smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. That’s why it is crucial to stay active to keep your bones strong. The more you age, the more you should be physically active, say doctors. In fact, people who stay active and happy age only in numbers.

  1. Morning sunshine:

Morning sunshine encourages the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. This vitamin promotes calcium absorption, which is inevitable for strong bones. Bask in the morning sun and let your bones build their health.

  1. Timely tests:

It is a good idea to visit your nearest Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinic for regular annual health exams. This will help you in early diagnosis and treatment. A simple blood test can reveal the amount of calcium in the body. There are also tests for bone density.

  1. Timely treatment:

If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, you must urgently change your lifestyle and diet. This can stop or delay further deterioration of bone health. Doctors may also prescribe supplements for bone health.

Osteoporosis is no longer an aging problem. Nowadays, young people are also diagnosed with this condition. According to doctors, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle that lacks in exposure to sunshine are responsible for this.

Bones form the very structure of the body. Weak bones can lead to a weak spine, which can create a host of health complications. Consult family physicians at urgent care clinic in Pentagon today and pave way for a stronger and healthier future of your bones. The clinic operates on walk in basis.

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