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World No Tobacco Day is Gone; Do You Still Smoke?

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31 every year. This is an initiative taken in 1987 by the World Health Organization (WHO) to throw light on the tobacco epidemic. Its initial purpose was to encourage people to go tobacco free on this day.

However, for many people it is simply a gesture to stay smoke-free for this one particular day. After that, they are back to their puffs.

Well, for somebody who truly wants to quit smoking, this one day can show the path to a tobacco free life. Tobacco harms not only your health, but also the environment.

Think about this

Do you know how much deforestation is done to carry out tobacco plantations?

Do you know how much carbon emissions happen while preparing those cigarettes and cigars that you proudly brandish between your lips?

Yes, your cigarette contributes to global warming!

What doctors say

According to doctors at the family medical walk in clinic in Arlington, there is no pride in smoking. Neither does it make a cool style statement. These notions are passe.

Today’s generation is more aware about the detrimental effects of tobacco. In the present times, you would find more people who wish to quit smoking.

But then, as you would ask, why are there still millions of smokers across the globe?

It is because, as doctors put it, they are not able to kick off the smoking habit. They want to, but can’t.

For such people, days like World No Tobacco Day can be helpful. They can start with quitting smoking for 24 hours first. And then, their journey towards beating this habit can begin on a positive note.

When you quit smoking you contribute towards saving the Earth

We need not mention that smoking damages lungs. Everybody knows it. (Yet, people smoke!)

What everybody does not know is that tobacco inflicts destruction upon the environment through its cultivation, processing practices, distribution, consumption, and the waste generated after consumption.

So when you quit smoking, you do it not just for you; you also do it for our dear Earth.

Taking help from medical professionals

If you or anybody in your family smokes and want to quit, then you can take the help of medical professionals. First, you must undergo a routine checkup to make sure you are healthy.

If you suffer from any kind of respiratory trouble (usually chain smokers do), please consult family physicians in urgent care clinic in Pentagon.

The clinic conducts X-rays and TB tests, plus other tests too.

Health troubles that you may face through chain smoking:

• Lung cancer
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Breathing issues
• Infertility
• Heart diseases
• Heart attacks
• Eye troubles (due to cigarette smoke)
• Premature aging of skin
• Emphysema, a condition in which air sacs of the lungs are destroyed (patients usually have chronic cough)

Family medical walk in clinic in Arlington can help you take charge of your health. If you missed this year’s World No Tobacco Day, worry not. Make any day a “no tobacco day” and start breaking this habit bit by bit.

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