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World Cancer Day & How Doctor Clinic Near Arlington can Help

Once upon a time, cancer was a rare disease. Today, cancer is as common as common cold. Look around you and you will find somebody or the other suffering from cancer, somebody who has survived cancer, or somebody who passed on due to cancer.

What’s scarier is that cancer can develop at any part of your body.

If World Health Organization (WHO) is to be believed (and we hardly have a reason to not believe it!), cancer is one of the topmost causes of deaths across the globe in today’s times.

The Geneva-based Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) organizes World Cancer Day every February 4 to spread awareness and to work towards eradication of this disease.

The theme for World Cancer Day 2023 was “Close the Care Gap.”

How can your nearby clinic help?

Doctor clinic near Arlington, VA, provides cancer panel. The clinic is located centrally, which makes it convenient for people to hop in and consult a doctor. Besides, you need no appointment and the waiting time is less than 30 minutes. If there isn’t a patient ahead of you, then you can see the doctor immediately after you enter.

Colors and symbols for cancer

Cancer is of various types. Organizations use different symbols and colors to differentiate the types of cancer. For instance, pink ribbon is for breast cancer. Orange ribbon is for cancer in kids. The American Cancer Society uses daffodil flower as a symbol of a future free of cancer.

Regular health checkups

Regular health checkups play an important role in early diagnosis. The doctor can catch a slight deviation in health when you undergo examination at regular intervals. Also, heeding even to the slightest symptom can save you from a health catastrophe.

For example, you have this dull pain in the abdominal area. It worsens when you have a meal. You ignore it or simply pop a painkiller and get relief. This happens often and you do the same – pop a painkiller and forget about it.

What if it is a sign of a cancer brewing in the abdominal area?

Well, this is not to scare you; but you must not ignore pains in the body, especially the persistent ones.

Urgent care at your nearby clinic

The presence of doctor clinic near Arlington, VA, helps people to consult a doctor without hassle and keep a tab on their health.

Many times, people avoid seeing a doctor due to lack of time or due to inconvenience of waiting in line in a hospital. At times, it is difficult to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

Urgent care clinics have solved these issues. Now, you can easily walk in your nearest clinic and consult a doctor whenever you feel unwell. Persistent problems need medical attention. They may indicate an underlying problem. It is good to address a health problem at the earliest for better and more successful treatment.

Family urgent care clinic near Arlington, VA, caters to the health needs of the entire family. They conduct a series of tests, which include cancer panel, and provide excellent medical treatment and advice.

Although the clinic is not meant to treat terminal diseases, you can certainly get immediate primary care and sound advice for further medical proceedings. Also, you need not go through a cumbersome process in a hospital for a simple test.

This year’s theme of World Cancer Day aimed at looking into the treatment inequities. Timely diagnosis and treatment are two essential keys in case of cancer. The onus lies on both the patients and the healthcare providers for timely medical action. Doctor clinic near Arlington, VA, comes as a ray of hope in this regard.

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