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Why Men Must Talk About ED & Save Themselves From Complications

For men, it is not easy to talk about erectile dysfunction (ED). It might hit their self-esteem due to their inability to perform in bed. That doesn’t mean you stay silent about it. ED is not just a condition. It is an indication of underlying medical issues, sometimes serious ones such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol level, and low testosterone level.

According to doctors, ED can be a sign of the onset of diabetes. Or it can be sign of blocked arteries.

Undergoing an ED panel is a wise decision, if you are unable to get an erection or maintain an erection in bed. Doctor medical clinic near Arlington conducts such panel. You need no prior appointment to undergo a test here. Simply walk in and ask for a test.

The best thing is that the clinic is open all days of the week, on holidays, and on extended hours daily. So, even busy professionals can spare a few minutes to ensure their health. The clinic hardly has a waiting time. Chances are high that you would be seen by the doctor in less than 30 minutes.

ED is serious, do not ignore it.

The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC) states that about three in four diabetic men suffer from ED. In addition, men with high cholesterol level and/or high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing ED earlier in life.

A study also shows that opioid users have low testosterone levels, so do those infected with HIV. Low testosterone is one of the causative factors of erectile dysfunction.

Although there is not much evidence that stress directly causes ED, but it is a known fact that prolonged stress can lead to bodily dsyfunctions. Also, stress can raise your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It can make you overeat and crave for starchy foods, which increases cholesterol level.

Moreover, if you are highly stressed out or have chronic stress, you can hardly perform in bed. Your sex drive diminishes.

So, we cannot rule out the possibility of stress playing a role in developing ED. According to a doctor at the medical clinic near Arlington, when a man is happy his heart is happy and his other physical functions are healthy too.

So, guys, time to unwind a bit.

In fact, you must also not get much stressed about your ED condition. Talk to the doctor at the clinic and discuss with him about the condition. Both testing and consulting are available without appointment.

ED treatment

After an ED panel, the doctor may ask you to undergo other tests such as blood sugar test, blood pressure measurement, cholesterol test, and other, depending on your case. If things are right, then you only need to treat the ED.

If you have a medical issue other than ED, then you must start appropriate treatment for the issue, along with treating ED.

According to doctors, if the underlying problem is treated, the ED automatically gets treated.

For example, if somebody has high blood sugar and he does not know. He stops getting an erection in bed. Now, when he comes to the clinic for ED panel and undergoes other tests, including sugar tests, then the cause is discovered.

The man than starts appropriate diabetes management. Gradually, his ED is treated naturally once the sugar levels are stabilized. Also, he is saved from a serious health complication.

That’s why it is important for men to talk about their condition with a doctor and undergo appropriate test and treatment.

Walk in the Arlington doctors office and take charge of your health. Don’t let ED come in the way of your loving relationship with your spouse.

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