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Why Medical Office Near Arlington is a Better Choice During Fall

Halloween is around the corner. Time for those hair-raising tricks and yummy treats. But before that, you must be ready to combat the prevalent common ailments that occur during this time of the year.

No wonder hospitals witness a rush of patients during fall. Common cold, flu, asthma, eye and ear infections, arthritis pain, body aches, headaches, sore throat, fever, and more – all these ailments afflict people as the weather changes.

Why your nearest clinic is better than a hospital during fall

Better to skip hospital visit. Walk in your nearest medical office near Arlington to seek treatment for such illnesses. Although the clinics, too, see a lot of patients during fall, the waiting time is still lesser than that in a hospital.

Benefits of visiting nearby medical office

• You will be seen in less than 30 minutes in an Arlington clinic.
• The clinic is open all days of the week, including holidays and at extended hours. So you can come as per your convenience.
• Underground parking is free.
• Lab tests are reasonable.
• No appointment is required for doctor consultation and tests.
• Testing and treatment is done on the same way, so no need to visit the clinic multiple times.
• Insurance is not mandatory for seeking treatment at the medical office near Arlington.
• The clinic caters to the health matters of the whole family.

Your nearest medical clinic is relatively 70 per cent cheaper than a hospital. You can avail yourselves a series of tests such as:

• Hormone panel
• ED panel
• Liver panel
• Cholesterol panel
• Dementia panel
• Stool parasite test
• Cancer panel
• STD tests
• TB test
• X-rays

Discreet testing facility

The doctor clinic near Arlington VA respects patients’ privacy, especially during STD tests. You can request the staff to conceal your identity during testing and billing. This saves you from the embarrassment usually associated with STDs.

Vaccines and other facilities

If you are traveling to another country and need vaccines, walk in your nearest doctor clinic. This is also the right place to get your flu shot. The flu season has begun and it is better to get yourselves and your family vaccinated against this annoying disease.

You can come here for your annual medical exam, physicals for sports, work, or immigration, and other such medical services.

The clinic also offers VIP care for an additional charge. This enables you to enter the doctor’s chambers immediately after entering with zero paperwork.

Importance of urgent care

Certain illnesses may not be life-threatening in nature, but they require immediate medical intervention. They can cause great discomfort and pain and, if left untreated, can turn life threatening. A few examples are: asthma attack, flu, insect bite, animal sting, eye or ear infection, minor infections of the bladder and kidneys, and so on.

Best part of medical office near Arlington

The best part of having a clinic near you is that you can access medical treatment as fast as possible. The clinic is apt in handling most of the common ailments, which includes common cold, fever, sore throat, cough, flu, body pains, and migraines.

You can also come here for treating minor burns, boils, sprains, strains, fall injuries, minor fractures, headaches, neck and back pain, arthritic pain, stomach troubles, dizziness, weakness, asthma, and other common malaises that hinder your daily routine.

Please note:

In case of major burns, major fall injuries that feature profuse bleeding or brain injury, heart attack, major accident, or any other life-threatening condition, please rush to a hospital.

Doctor clinic near Arlington VA is for conditions that are not life threatening in nature, yet require immediate medical intervention. You can avail yourselves immediate primary care in such cases.

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