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Walk-In Medical Care Available Near Pentagon During Covid-19 Outbreak

When you are feeling unwell, visit your nearby walk in clinic. This is a good alternative. Skip hospital visits. You might find a rush there; besides you may have to wait longer. Now with the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, you may want to avoid going to crowded places.

Walk in medical care clinic near Pentagon is operational during these times too. Doctors are taking all precautionary measures and seeing patients, but also suggesting social distancing. In addition, they are urging patients to visit only when it is absolutely necessary.

What if you have the flu symptoms?

According to doctors, Coronavirus, though seems to scare all of us, has a lesser mortality rate than other pandemics that have occurred in the past.

People who are healthy are more likely to get completely cured. People with a compromised immunity, serious immune disorders, and co-morbid conditions are more at risk.

So, if you have huddled yourselves up at home due to the virus scare and are procrastinating your important doctor consultation, this is an unwise step.

Health is top priority, pandemic or not.

So, cover your face, get that sanitizer inside your bag, and walk in the clinic around Pentagon.

In case you have a runny nose, chills, fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, and similar symptoms, you can call the doctor instead of visiting the clinic. Follow your doctor’s instructions and give your sample for testing in lab. Isolate yourselves.

As a general courtesy amidst the pandemic, please do not simply barge in the clinic with a runny nose!

Self-quarantine is the first step when you are down with flu-symptoms, which are similar to that of Coronavirus.

Helping people in difficult times

How convenient it is to simply walk in a clinic and get medical care near Pentagon! Such clinics, due to their easy accessibility, have helped innumerable people take health in their hands. Otherwise, a lot many people simply postpone their regular health checkups or even ignore their symptoms to avoid visiting a hospital.

However, as one of the doctors advise, if you are otherwise healthy and it’s only a routine checkup, you may skip visiting a walk in clinic during the Covid-19 outbreak scenario.

But if you are feeling unwell in any way, do not hesitate to walk in and get treatment fast. It is vital for you to stay healthy to keep your immunity up against the virus.

Features of the clinic

  • The clinic offers treatment for all kinds of common ailments from common cold to fall injuries that are not life-threatening in nature.
  • The clinic offers a series of lab tests, including STD testing and X-ray.
  • The clinic has a limited pharmacy.
  • It takes just 10 minutes and at the maximum 30 minutes to see a doctor and get a treatment.
  • This is a walk-in clinic; no appointment needed.
  • You need no insurance to get treatment here.

So, walk in and get medical care near Pentagon at an affordable rate. The clinic is operational all days of the week and holidays.

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