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Urgent Care Clinics –Equipped To Deal With All Kinds Of Abdominal Pain

The high stress levels, intense competition and hectic schedules of life these days affect our health in more ways than one. We are always on the run and often skip meals on most days, satiating our hunger with unhealthy choices such as fried, heavily processed or sugary food. The result? The digestive system is thrown off balance, abdominal lining sustains inflammation and individuals constantly experience digestive issues and abdominal pain.

In addition to switching to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it is also important to consult medical experts to have your abdominal issues precisely diagnosed. Timely intervention and effective treatment will go a long way in helping you regain your gut health in no time.

Dealing with abdominal pain

At some point of time or another, we have all had abdominal pain of varying degrees. While most mild cases of stomach pain can be attributed to indigestion, bloating, muscle strain or food allergies, there are also instances when the pain may be severe and a clear indication of a serious, underlying medical condition that requires the attention of medical professionals.

According to medical experts, it is best to seek medical help if your abdominal pain persists or surfaces continually even after taking medications. What you may assume to be indigestion or bloating can turn out to be something entirely different. Accurate diagnosis by Arlington urgent care doctors is the first right step in the direction towards healing and regaining your health.

Common causes of abdominal pain

• Every once in a while, we all experience mild abdominal pain. It may be after a round of heavy feasting or a session of strenuous exercise. Other causes of mild stomach ache include:
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Known as IBS, this is a chronic medical condition that requires long-term treatment. Symptoms of IBS also include bloating, constipation and cramps. Family physicians urgent care in Pentagon will offer reliable advice on managing this condition and suggestions such as avoiding junk food and carbonated drinks.
• Food allergies: If you are allergic to certain food items and have unknowingly ingested it, the allergens may trigger inflammation leading to abdominal pain. Arlington urgent care doctors will determine the cause of your allergic reaction and prescribe medications to keep the pain under control. You will also receive expert advice on avoiding such unfortunate incidents in future.
• Constipation: This condition of insufficient bowel movements is surprisingly on the rise among people across all age groups. The reasons for constipation include intake of inadequate water, diet that lacks fiber-rich food, physical inactivity and side effects of certain medications. Constipation can cause intense stomach pain and may require prescription medications.
• Acid reflux: When bile or acid in the stomach travels up the food pipe, it can irritate the lining of the stomach and induce pain in the abdomen. This is a chronic condition that requires long-term treatment.
• Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): If you are experiencing continuous bouts of heartburn, regurgitation of food, vomiting, chest pain, sore throat or difficulties in swallowing, it is likely to be GERD. Seek treatment at your nearest family physicians urgent care in Pentagon. Remember that ignoring the disease may permanently damage the esophagus.
• Crohn’s disease: When abdominal pain is accompanied by diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, anemia, mouth ulcers and weight loss, it may be Crohn’s disease. Arlington urgent care doctors can help with precise diagnosis and treatment so that you are free of this painful condition.

Self-treatment is simply not the way to go when abdominal pain continues to torment you on most days. Visit your nearest urgent care clinic to receive reliable diagnosis and treatment at the most affordable rates. These clinics are generally open beyond the working hours of regular clinics and so you can walk in even if the abdominal pain spikes late in the night.

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