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The Purpose and Importance of Observing National Men’s Health Week

National Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year during the week ending on Father’s Day in the United States. The choice of the date of this event is deliberate as it helps in sending out a reminder that maintaining the good health of the male members of a family is crucial. The event is also used for educating the general public about the initiatives that must be undertaken to improve men’s health.

National Men’s Health Week was the brainchild of Congress. It was introduced in 1994 to amplify the level of awareness of health problems and ensure quick detection of issues among men and boys.

The Goal of the Program

National Men’s Health Week is used to draw the general public’s attention to those men and boys who are not fortunate enough to enjoy access to quality health-care facilities. It suggests health-care initiatives that can be used by the less fortunate free of cost. The program is a great way of generating awareness about the importance of the health of male members of the family. It also helps spur numerous health-specific activities in the United States and across the world.

It is a fact that men tend to neglect their health issues most of the time primarily because they do not find it easy to take time out from their numerous professional, family, and social responsibilities to visit a physician. That is the reason why the health condition of an average male is poorer than that of females in most countries.

Why Men Are More Likely to Fall Ill

Men also tend to suffer health issues more than females because of lifestyle. A large percentage of the US male population indulges in smoking and drinking, which can affect their overall health over a period of time. However, National Men’s Health Week is more about creating awareness about health problems that men face and how to ensure early detection or prevention. The platform also focuses on providing quick and accurate treatment for specific diseases.

Some Simple Health Specific Suggestions

National Men’s Health Week also creates awareness of the importance of eating healthy for men. They are urged to include different types of food items to ensure they get all the nutrition they need to maintain good overall health. There are simple things that can be incorporated into your daily life to boost health standards.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Avoid using the car—if short distances are all you need, take a walk.
  • Do some basic exercises regularly.
  • Cultivate a habit that can keep you motivated.

The annual event stresses the need to make prevention a priority. Physicians and health consultants agree that early detection of any adverse health condition can be extremely helpful. This can be achieved by scheduling regular visits to the family physician and getting screened for health issues that commonly affect the elderly such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, prostate issues, and so on.

Those men who have a family history of such conditions should positively ensure regular screening to enjoy an illness-free life.

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