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Subtle yet Vital Differences between an ER and a Walk in clinic around Pentagon

If you thought that all types of medical emergencies are life threatening, you must think again. A majority of situations that demand an immediate visit to a healthcare center involve non-life threatening conditions. These can be effectively managed at any reputed walk in clinic around Pentagon.

Understanding the need for urgent care

There is a vast difference between an emergency room and an urgent care facility. If your medical condition is serious enough to cause loss of life or, in some cases, an organ or a limb, you need to be rushed to an emergency room.

In all other conditions including headache, sudden high fever, dizziness, vomiting, or a wound, a visit to an established Arlington urgent care center would be a far better option than an emergency room. It is therefore hardly surprising that there is a remarkable growth in terms of number of urgent care facilities and their popularity in recent times.

Thanks to the established facility of walk in clinic around Pentagon, there has been a considerable reduction in burden on the staff in emergency rooms. A large number of cases that only required immediate symptomatic treatment are now being effectively managed at any walk in clinic around Pentagon instead of being rushed to emergency rooms.

If we try to understand the difference between an urgent care and a life threatening situation, it is easy to appreciate why one should not unnecessarily end up at already overcrowded emergency rooms.

This brings us to efficient and easily accessible walk in clinic around Pentagon or other locations that not only minimize waiting time but also boast of qualified medical staff, nurses, and technicians to provide a large spectrum of healthcare services.

Broad coverage

Any reputable walk in clinic around Pentagon is equipped to immediately attend to a large number of medical conditions, including throat pain, earache, headache, muscle pain, back pain, injuries, and many more such conditions that would be treated as non life threatening by doctors in emergency rooms.

Apart from providing instant and appropriate treatment to a plethora of conditions and symptoms, walk in clinic around Pentagon is also reputed for its lab testing services. Moreover, you will not be asked to produce a physician’s recommendation for conducting TB, STD, and other pathological examinations.


Urgent care clinics such as Arlington urgent care center is the most preferred destination for getting reliable and fast treatment for a large spectrum of acute medical disorders. These centers are open on all days, including Sundays.

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