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Protection Against Anxiety & Depression


Depression is a condition that afflicts all types of people across the globe regardless of color or nationality.

Statistics say nearly 350 million people suffer from depression all over the world.

According to a leading psychiatrist, “It is a leading cause of disability worldwide in terms of days lost due to disability”.

What exactly is depression?

It is a mental disorder exhibiting loss of interest, depressed mood, diminished energy levels, low self esteem, lack of sleep, and poor concentration.

Depressed people also display significant anxiety.

When the depression symptoms become chronic they impact a person’s ability to perform routine activities.

In a worst case scenario, depression can lead to suicide.

People suffering from bipolar disorder display both manic and depressive episodes with intermittent periods of normal moods.

According to a WHO (World Health Organization) estimate, the burden of depression is higher in females than in males.

Fortunately, managing depression is not as difficult as it may appear to be.

The key treatment approaches include:

  • Psychological support
  • Antidepressant medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • A combination of above

For moderate cases, antidepressants are quite effective. These are prescribed by primary health care clinics or even in doctor’s walk-in clinic VA.

As an add-on to treatment by specialists, self help is a good approach.

You can get hold of several personality development books and self-help programs through the internet.

Keep in mind that the earlier the treatment begins the better it is.

For immediate relief by antidepressant medication you may visit an immediate care facility like Arlington Medical Clinic or make an appointment to see your primary care doctor.

You may even consult a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in treating mental health conditions.

The doctor can evaluate if any medication or conditions such as thyroid disorder are the reasons for depression symptoms.

After making an appointment with the doctor, be prepared to answer the following questions.

  • When did your depression symptoms begin?
  • How severe are they?
  • Did you receive any treatment before? If yes, what medication was prescribed or what kind of treatment was done?

Be prepared to tell the doctor of any recent calamity in your life or life changes you are experiencing.

The doctor in all probability will also ask you if you are consuming alcohol or drugs or if you are thinking about death or suicide.

A word about antidepressants and how they work

Antidepressants work on your brain by using ingredients that control mood or stress.

Typical ones that are prescribed include:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Selective serotonin uptake inhibitors
  • SNRI – serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors

It is a good idea, however, to avoid medications and make use of self-help approaches.

Perseverance and sticking to one’s goals can do a lot in combating depression.

The more a person keeps trying, the better he or she will be able to find the silver lining in bad situations. This approach can considerably lower the risk of getting depression symptoms in the years that follow.

As one leading psychiatrist pointed out, “Applying positive re-evaluation during hard times nurtures optimism thereby contributing to fewer depression episodes”.

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