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List of Tests That People With Diabetes Must Undergo Regularly

If you have symptoms that indicate a higher than normal level of blood glucose, then it becomes important to consult a healthcare professional. You will be asked to undergo some tests to affirm whether you are pre-diabetic, diabetic, or gestational diabetes. It is advisable not to do any tests on your own using one of the many equipment that can be bought over the counter.

If you have any symptoms of diabetes you should be tested. In some individuals, the symptoms will not be apparent. Blood test allows health care professionals to detect diabetes and also identify the type. If you test positive, you will be required to make some changes to your existing lifestyle. These are the list of tests available to check diabetes.

A1C Test

The A1C test is different from routine blood test as provides a summary of what your blood glucose count was over a specific time frame. If the blood glucose level stays high consistently for a period of time, it can lead to major health problems. A minimum of two A1C tests per year is recommended if you are diagnosed positively for blood sugar.

Blood Pressure:

You might wonder what blood pressure has got to do with blood sugar. Most people are not aware that there is a connection. If you are a diabetic, and also suffer from high blood pressure, the risk of loss of life is high. Monitoring and maintaining blood pressure within a reasonable range can prevent such instances.

Dilated Eye Test:

This test is conducted to check for possible damage to the inside areas of the eyes. It is a must-have test for diabetes as any damage can seriously impair vision. When you have a high blood glucose count combined with a high BP, it can damage the inside vessels of your eyes. Detecting and catching this problem early makes treatment management easier for medical professionals. Dilated Eye Test is recommended to be done at least once in a year.

Urine Test:

If the blood glucose level is on a high level consistently, it can affect the minute blood vessels in your body. The blood vessels in your kidneys are more susceptible to damage. When the kidneys are affected, it can play havoc with your routine functions. This test will determine the level of protein in your urine and help detect any potential damage at an early stage.

Foot Exam:

Those who are diabetics, you should undergo a foot exam once a year to check if your skin and nerves are healthy and your blood circulation is normal. Foot problems can occur more in people with diabetes as high blood sugar tends to affect the functioning of the nerves in the body and more specifically of those in the feet. Sores, scar, and wounds can take a long time to heal in diabetic patients. It can result in other complications too.

Check Your Weight:

It is common for people with Type 2 Diabetes to gain weight. It can cause potential damage to your heart and cause heart disease. Maintaining a healthy body weight will also help in better management of diabetes.

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