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How Walk In Clinics are Stealing the Show in Immediate Medical Care

Walk in clinics have provided respite to people thanks to their easy accessibility and lesser rush than that in hospitals. It is not wrong to say that the clinic is one of the best things to have happened to the modern generation.

Great for busy bees of the cities

A Pentagon walk in clinic serves as a convenient spot to get immediate primary medical care by qualified doctors.

People with their busy lifestyle are too time-pressed to wait in long lines at the hospitals. So, they often overlook symptoms and continue with their daily routine. They may even ignore their routine health checkups.

The cumbersome task of scheduling appointment with the doctor and the amount of time required in a single hospital visit often make people procrastinate regarding their health matters.

Thanks to the mushrooming of walk in clinics, people can conveniently walk in without caring for an appointment and see a doctor. No waiting lines, no paperwork, no hassle.

Now, you need not pop a painkiller to numb your pain and continue with life. Consult a doctor at the walk in clinic in Arlington, VA, and know the real cause of pain. Seek an appropriate treatment for your back pain or migraine. Find the root cause of your stomach trouble. Get even with your ulcer. And yes, undergo that STD test today!


  • A walk in clinic in Pentagon City offers a series of lab tests.
  • It offers treatment for a vast range of common ailments that are not life-threatening.
  • It provides discreet STD testing.
  • It offers VIP care.
  • It provides TB test.
  • It provides physicals for school, sports, and work.


  • The clinic is open all days of the week. It is open on holidays too and at extended hours. This makes it highly popular because office-goers need not take leave. They can simply walk in the clinic after office.
  • You need no prior appointment to see a doctor here. What a relief!
  • You need no doctor’s prescription to undergo a lab test here. Also, it’s your choice to seek treatment here or simply collect the reports.
  • The clinic sees uninsured patients too.
  • The clinic is relatively cheaper than a typical hospital.

Doctors at Pentagon walk in clinic are well-qualified and apt in handling almost all kinds of medical emergencies that do not threaten your life.

For example, they can easily handle an asthma attack, minor fractures and infections, minor burns, Pink Eye, Lyme Disease, skin conditions, stomach pains and other issues, dizziness, migraines, eye and ear infections, heartburn, ulcers, fever, cold, flu, cough, and also mild symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Please remember: if you are feeling acute shortness of breath, call 911.

The clinic has a well-equipped lab that can even conduct Cancer panel, although they do not treat terminally ill patients.

Yet, the clinic comes as a boon to people because it is the common illness, at times, that gives much panic. Say, that pestering stomach pain may not be life-threatening, but can cripple you in carrying out daily activities. In such a case, you can simply walk in the clinic in Arlington, VA, and seek immediate treatment.

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