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How to Deal with Sore Throat this Halloween

With the season of flu going on, sore throats are common. Medically, sore throat is called pharyngitis. You may experience hoarseness, scratchiness, pain in throat while swallowing and difficulty in swallowing. You may also experience fever, headaches, body aches, chills, nausea, runny nose, or vomiting.

The nearest urgent care clinic arlington has qualified doctors that can treat sore throat. They also offer treatment for flu, fever, headaches, vomiting, nausea, chills, body aches, sinus problems, cold, cough, allergies, and other such conditions.

 Causes of sore throat

  • Viruses like influenza, mononucleosis, and common cold
  • Bacteria like streptococcus
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Allergens like dust, pollen, post-nasal drip, or pet dander

Most of the cases of sore throat are due to viral infection. If you have flu or cold, you will experience soreness in throat.

Other viral infections that many lead to sore throat are chickenpox, croup, measles, mononucleosis, which is an infection spread through saliva.

Among the bacterial infections, strep bacteria are the commonest ones. Diphtheria is also common. If you have whopping cough, which connotes infection of mucous membranes, your throat becomes sore.

In any of the above cases, you can immediately walk in an urgent care center and get yourselves treated in less time.


Usually, doctors prescribe medicines depending on whether your infection is viral or bacterial. In case of the latter, you have to undergo a full course of antibiotics. Please remember that you must complete the course, even if you feel better the second or the third day.

If you leave the course in between, the bacteria may return. Incomplete courses also increase the chances of drug resistance by bacteria.

A home remedy for sore throat is gargling with warm water in which a pinch of salt is added.

You can also suck on throat lozenges or use a humidifier.

However, these remedies do not suffice alone, if you are under bacterial or viral attack. You need to combine them with prescribed medication.

When is it a serious case?

Sore throats are usually treated by family doctors or doctors at the nearest urgent care clinic pentagon. However, in rare cases, the patient may experience drooling, difficulty in breathing, and swallowing becomes almost impossible.

In these cases, you must rush the patient to a hospital. This is no common sore throat, but some serious condition.

Taking care of your throat during Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, you may be preparing with all sorts of goodies and costumes. However, make sure you are not allergic to any makeup that you use for Halloween night.

Also, this is the flu season. Partying whole night may expose you to viruses in the air or you may contract infection from somebody already suffering from cold or sore throat.

Make sure you get sound sleep this season, include lots of Vitamin C (citrus) in your diet, and drink plenty of water to keep infection at bay.

In case you get sore throat and it does not get better with gargling and ginger tea within a day or two, consult a doctor at the walk in clinic. If you have fever, chills, and rashes, you must not delay.

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