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How After Hours Medical Clinics are Contributing to Eradication of HIV/AIDS?

According to doctors and researchers, it is possible to eradicate HIV/AIDS. The world can achieve this goal by 2050, provided researchers shift their focus from finding a cure to blocking the transmission, say experts.

The first little step is to test yourselves for HIV. This is because you could be a carrier of this deadly virus and not know. According to doctors, the virus is said to live in the human body for more than a decade before it actually starts showing symptoms.

So, doesn’t it seem intelligent to visit a clinic and get yourselves tested for HIV and maybe other STDs and take control of your sexual health?

Wondering, “where is an after hours medical clinic near me?” Well, it is located just across the bridge from DC, a block away from Pentagon Metro City.

It all started centuries ago

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which is the chief retrovirus responsible for forming full blown AIDS in humans, has been in existence since 1884, says a study.

Do you know the genus of HIV, lentivirus, has been on Earth for more than 14 million years?

According to reports, it entered the human body from a chimpanzee. The place was Southeast Cameroon.

At that time, it went unnoticed. Nobody realized then that this would, soon, become one of the deadliest diseases on Earth.

Soon, the disease from Cameroon spread to neighboring lands, which included Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, and Equatorial Guinea.

Why did the disease go unnoticed?

According to researchers, during that time, Africa had limited access to the developed world. Globalization had not happened. Cases of AIDS were isolated and scattered. Technology was almost non-existent, so were advanced testing methods and knowledge about the virus.

On top of all this, the long incubation period (up to 10 years) of the virus before it developed into AIDS made it go unnoticed in the earlier times.

The day the disease came into the limelight

On June 5 in 1981, according to reports, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the US threw light on a group of deaths from PCP that occurred in New York City and Los Angeles.

By mid of 1982, the CDC declared the outbreak of AIDS.

However, it was only after one year (in May 1983 in France) that researchers could isolate the culprit retrovirus – HIV.

HIV-related deaths saw a steady rise in the US, with the peak happening in 1994-95.

The era of optimism

Can we be optimistic with regard to HIV/AIDS?

Yes, say doctors today.

The following are the reasons according to doctors:

  • Researchers have found the root cause of NLTPs’ immunity
  • Medical experts have drawn out the structure of HIV virus
  • They have discovered its weak point
  • Access to HAART has improved globally
  • An increasing number of people around the world are educated about HIV/AIDS and its preventative measures

Urgent care clinics are playing an important role by providing discreet STD testing, which includes HIV tests. So, if you are wondering, “is there an after hours medical clinic near me?” you are in luck. Just walk in and get yourselves tested.

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