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Doctors in Arlington VA – The Perfect Choice to Seek Immediate Medical Help

The growing need for immediate healthcare and medical attention has led to the mushrooming of urgent care clinics in the Arlington area. Basically, these clinics function even after regular clinics have closed for the day and offer people immediate medical care without prior booking or waiting time. However, there exist a considerable number of people who still have no clarity about the purpose of these clinics. Let us try to gain more clarity in this direction.

What does an urgent care clinic do?

An urgent care clinic is equipped to deal with medical issues that are not life-threatening but demand immediate medical attention. Allergic reactions, cuts, minor fractures, falls, fever, headache, stomach pain, dizziness, ear pain, sore throat and similar medical problems can be effectively treated at walk in clinics.

A visit to your nearest urgent care clinic may be necessary if a medical problem arises after the regular working hours of your doctor’s clinic. If you do not think it wise to book an appointment and wait for your turn at the doctor’s office, simply head on to the nearest walk in clinic to avail quality healthcare with minimum delay.

Medical emergencies handled by urgent care clinics

Now here is a look into how walk in clinics can help in treating various medical emergencies:

  • Burns: When an individual sustains severe third-degree or second degree burns, he/she must immediately be rushed to the emergency room. Urgent care clinics are equipped to treat first-degree burns that primarily affect the outer layer of the skin. As soon as patients walk in with burns, they will quickly be ushered in to doctors in Arlington VA who will clean the affected area to avoid infections and then apply an antibiotic cream to accelerate the healing process.
  • Whiplash: During vehicle collisions, passengers in the car are often violently thrown forward and backward. This rapid movement can exert immense force on the neck, sometimes damaging the tendons and muscles in the area. If you have been involved in a car accident and you are experiencing headache or neck pain, it would be best to consult doctors in Arlington VA at a walk in clinic and seek appropriate treatment.
  • Minor fractures: Although minor fractures are not life-threatening, the swelling or bleeding accompanying it can cause extreme discomfort if not treated on time. Rush to the nearest walk in clinic to receive prompt treatment for fractures and save yourself from unnecessary distress.
  • Falls: If you have suffered a fall, do not assume all is well until you get thoroughly checked up by doctors in Arlington VA. Even if you appear alright on the surface, there are chances you may have minor fractures, ligament tears, dislocated joint or even a concussion. These issues may not manifest as pain or discomfort until later. It’s always safe to be sure. So walk in to an urgent care clinic and conduct necessary tests including X-rays to confirm you have not suffered any injuries.

Arlington walk in medical clinic are now equipped with the latest diagnostic machinery and advanced testing facilities to cater to almost all kinds of medical issues that are not life-threatening. The experienced healthcare professionals in these clinics will offer you effective advice to ensure faster healing and will patiently answer all your queries.

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