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At World Heart Day, Walk in for Cholesterol Test at Urgent Care

The primary purpose of an urgent care clinic is to provide immediate medical care in the best possible manner. Just a block away from Pentagon City Metro, Arlington’s walk-in clinic is gaining popularity thanks to cordial and trained staff and qualified doctors.

Who wants to visit a hospital? But when an illness or an injury strikes, a hospital is the place to be. Yet, you can skip the hospital visit and step inside an urgent care facility instead.

Away from the typical hospital smell and the hustle-bustle of patients, an urgent care clinic sees to it that you are ushered inside the doctor’s room in less than 30 minutes.

Spreading awareness about health

Although walk-in clinic near me are not equipped to treat life-threatening diseases like cardio vascular and more, they certainly contribute in creating awareness about them.

With the forthcoming World Heart Day on September 29, you can expect the clinics to talk about heart diseases, cardiovascular health, and others.

Of course, you can step inside an urgent care facility to measure your blood pressure. In case you are doubtful and don’t wish to drive far to a hospital just to measure your blood pressure, an urgent care facility helps in this regard.

In fact, you can monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis through the facility.

Silent killers

The problem with heart diseases is that they are silent killers. Even if they show the symptoms, people tend to ignore them, thinking it to be some discomfort.

How many of us take mild pain in the chest seriously? How many of us think of getting a Cholesterol Panel done in case we experience shortness of breath while climbing stairs?

Get your cholesterol checked today

An urgent care clinic offers a range of lab tests; Cholesterol Panel is one of them.

So, if you have been postponing tests either due to lack of time or because you don’t want to step into a typical hospital, walk in an urgent care facility.

You need no prior appointment.

Just visit the clinic and ask for the cholesterol tests to be done. You also need no doctor’s prescription.

Now, with the World Heart Day around the corner, the doctors will be glad to have you at the clinic, seeing your awareness and consciousness for health.

About World Heart Day

The World Heart Federation conceptualized the idea of celebrating a day dedicated to the heart every year. The date was decided as September 29.

The objective is to raise public awareness about cardiovascular disease, which is the leading killer in the world. More than 17.5 million people die every year due to this disease.

During public awareness campaigns, doctors, volunteers, organizations, and health care centers also highlight the steps that people can take to avoid and control heart diseases.

So, if you haven’t checked your blood pressure even once, walk in an urgent care clinic and know your measurements. Get your cholesterol checked. Do not wait for symptoms because there won’t be any until your arteries are already choked or your heart has already weakened.

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