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9 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu this Halloween

As seasons change, viruses and bacteria gear up to attack your body. But they don’t attack everybody. Their victims are those with weak immunity. They cannot evade a body that features “knights in shining armors” – disease-fighting cells.

This Halloween, don’t be the victim.

Give your body the strength to fight against flu and cold viruses and other bacteria.

In case you get afflicted by flu, fever, cold, cough, sore throat, chills, headaches, body pains, and other such illnesses, just walk in an urgent care clinic Arlington and avail yourselves treatment immediately.

Here’s how you can avoid flu and cold through natural means.


  • Wash your hands often. We touch so many things by our hands. They are more exposed to dirt and germs. Wash them as much as you can. If you are at a place where there is no provision for washing hands, keep a hand-sanitizer with you. Make sure you get one with alcohol-based formula, which is more effective in killing germs.
  • Stay away from people affected by flu and cold virus. In case they feel rude, let them; it’s a matter of your health. Explain to them how viruses spread through air. They will understand.
  • Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. They help to strengthen immunity.
  • Quit smoking, as it weakens the respiratory system and makes it more vulnerable to colds and coughs.
  • Avoid touching your face much. Ears, eyes, and the nose are the pathways for viruses and bacteria to enter. So, keep your hands away from your face, unless you have just washed your hands and not touched anything else.
  • Sleep well, every night. Your body needs 6-8 hours of sleep daily to repair itself and keep all the systems functioning properly. A tiresome, sleep-deprived body can hardly fight infections. It is fighting to stay awake!
  • Exercise regularly. It improves immunity and blood circulation throughout the body, giving you a glow of health.
  • Use a leather bag during colder months. Cloth bags pick germs more than leather bags. Moreover, leather bags are easier to keep clean.
  • Stay happy. Ditch that frown. Stressed individuals are more likely to fall sick than happy individuals. No matter what life throws at you, you throw it back with a smile.

 Foods that help to keep flu miles away

Mushrooms, kiwi, yoghurt, onions, garlic, and water – these are some of the best flu-preventing foods you can have. They feature anti-viral property and help to strengthen immunity.

So, make sure you add the above mentioned foods in your platter this season.

 Flu shots

October is the best time to get a flu shot, suggest doctors at urgent care clinics. The clinics are equipped to vaccinate people against flu.

The Centers for Disease and Control recommends that you get a flu shot every year. Babies above 6 months of age should also be vaccinated.

Don’t let flu virus dampen your festive spirit. Get your shot timely and take care of the above tips to avoid flu. Have fun at the fullest this festive season.

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