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6 Basic Things To Do When You Have Fever

Fever is one of the commonest ailments. Many people, despite feeling feverish, go to work. Some blame it on lack of sleep, work overload, and excess physical stress. Whatever may be the reason, when your body’s temperature rises, you must rest, say doctors.

Fevers are not simply due to overstress. Most of the time, they are indicators of an infection. It could be a viral infection like flu or cold. It could be a bacterial infection like UTI, strep throat, immune disorder, or inflammation in the body. It could also be a sign of STD or cancer.

When you have fever, you must walk in a clinic in Arlington, VA. Do not ignore fever, as it is a body’s signal that something is wrong. Also, avoid self-medication. It is good to consult a doctor.

Here are a few tips that you must do when suffering from fever:

•  Drink water. Fever can dehydrate you. Have some ginger tea or chicken broth. These are soothing, especially when your fever is due to cold or flu. They also hydrate your body.

•  Eat only if you feel like. Don’t force yourselves. During fever, our body suppresses appetite to conserve energy and focus on fighting the infection. However, your immune system needs energy to fight. So, if you don’t feel like eating, have coconut water, chicken soup. It gives you energy and hydrates you.

•  In case of high fever, it helps to place cold cloth on your forehead, neck, or armpits to cool down the body. This is only to ease the discomfort of fever. It does not cure the underlying cause of fever.

•  Sleep. When you have fever, your body is fighting an infection. It needs rest to repair. Being a bravo and going to the office with fever is not actually bravery at all.

•  If your baby has fever, immediately walk in a clinic around Pentagon. Babies less than 1 year of age are more vulnerable to get dehydrated fast during fever.

•  Fever of around 100 degrees is considered mild. It could be due to fatigue. However, temperature higher than this should not be ignored. Consult a doctor without delay.

Please do not self-medicate. It is always safer to consult a doctor and take appropriate treatment.

Doctors at a walk in clinic are equipped to handle common ailments like fever, cold, and flu. They will give you proper treatment.

The best thing is that you can simply walk in the clinic without prior appointment. You can see a doctor as soon as you enter. In case there are patients already, you only need to wait a few minutes. The beauty of urgent care clinics is that there is hardly a waiting time.

Fever and feverish

You might feel feverish, but may not have much fever. This could usually be due to fatigue. A good sleep can make you fine. If you still feel feverish, you must consult a doctor.

Fever more than 100 degrees need medical attention. Fever is body’s way of speaking up when something goes wrong. Listen to it.

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