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5 New Year Health Resolution Ideas and How to Stick to Them

With the New Year just around the corner, many of us might be busy scribbling down New Year’s Resolution. People often complain they can hardly stick to their resolution. Here are a few health resolutions for 2023 as suggested by doctors and also tips on how to stick to them for the whole year and beyond.

New Year health resolution ideas

After observing the tendencies of people towards health matters, doctors at the nearest urgent care clinic in Arlington have come up with a few ideas that can help people improve their health and fitness in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Drinking plenty of water:

This is a way too common a resolution, but not many people stick to it. Physicians and staff at the doctor medical clinic near Arlington report that many patients come to them complaining of headaches, moody blues, constipation, and other such problems. One of the reasons for this is body dehydration. Keep your body hydrated and see all these common malaises go away.

The trick to successfully following this rule is to keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. You might feel lazy getting up from your work station to fetch a glass of water, but when you have a bottle by your side you can quickly take some sips. Ensure you drink upto 2 to 2.5 liters of water every day. So choose a bottle accordingly.

  1. Undergo a health checkup:

So many people avoid this one important step towards healthy living. A simple routine checkup that examines your heart, liver, kidneys, blood, and other such vital organs and systems can save you from medical trouble later. You need not visit a hospital for this. Simply walk in your nearest clinic and ask for a test. No prior appointment is needed at doctor medical clinic near Arlington.

  1. Cut back on sugar:

Consider sugar as evil. Stay away from it. This New Year, resolve to train your tastebuds to drink sugarless tea, coffee, and milk. As you bid adieu to 2022, also bid adieu to sugary drinks, especially soft drinks.

You can indulge in an occasional sugary treat such as a yummy bite of a melting chocolate cake. And, of course, there is the jaggery and honey to keep your sweet tooth satiated. No white sugar, please.

This one is tough, but it is worth it, say Arlington urgent care doctors, as sugar gives the brain a “kick.” So, it will take time to train your brain. Avoid cutting off sugar all of a sudden. This will make you crave for it more. Go slow by reducing the quantity, until one fine day, you can enjoy your sugarless coffee. This will help you stick to your resolution.

  1. Move more:

After reading this, please stand up and take a round of your home/office and then come back. Move and move, as much as you can. Forget elevators. Take short breaks often. Dance. Jump. Climb stairs. Walk the dog. Jog or cycle or swim. Do whatever physical activity that makes you happy, but just do it.

Avoid making cumbersome fitness resolutions; you would hardly stick to it. Simply add these simple physical movements in your daily routine and watch yourselves stay fitter and more energetic. Love your body. It is the only true abode you have on Earth.

  1. Stay happy:

Be happy. If you aren’t, then fake happiness. Eventually, you will feel it creeping into you. Spread happiness. Everybody has problems in life. You are not alone. Happiness takes away many illnesses. And if you still have symptoms, you can always walk in a doctor medical clinic near Arlington.

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