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World Hepatitis Day: Understanding the 5 Types of Hepatitis Virus

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is around the corner. Every year, on July 28, the world comes together to join the fight against this deadly disease. But before you win the fight and even begin it, you must be aware of the disease. About 290 million people are infected with viral hepatitis and they don’t know!

The aim of WHD is to spread awareness of hepatitis and to bring real change to the world.

The theme of WHD 2020 is: Find the Missing Millions.

Unless we don’t find the undiagnosed people living with this disease and connect them to medical care, millions will stay diseased and may even die.

Quick family urgent care clinic in Arlington strives to raise awareness of this disease. The clinic offers comprehensive STD Panel that includes a series of tests for different STDs.

Hepatitis A and B can spread through sexual contact, so they are included in the list of sexually transmitted diseases.

 Knowing more about Hepatitis group of diseases

Five types of hepatitis virus exist – A, B, C, D, and E. Each is distinct, spreads in distinct ways, and can lead to distinct outcomes.

  1. Hepatitis A:

The A virus enters your body through sexual contact, sharing drugs, consuming food and drinks contaminated with the virus, or caring for a hepatitis patient. This type of hepatitis is rarely fatal, but you may suffer from serious complications. Vaccines are available for hepatitis A at quick family urgent care clinic in Arlington.

  1. Hepatitis B:

The B virus usually gets transmitted from an infected mother to the baby during delivery. The virus can also enter through sexual contact, sharing needles, using unsterile medical tools, and contact with body fluids and blood of an infected person. When babies are infected at birth, they may develop chronic liver infection leading to liver cancer or liver cirrhosis later in life. According to WHO, babies must get hepatitis B vaccine soon after being born.

  1. Hepatitis C:

The C virus enters your body through sharing needles and unsterile medical injections and contact with blood of an infected person. Mostly, infected people develop chronic infection. Advanced treatments are available that promise a cure within 2-3 months. No vaccine is available yet.

  1. Hepatitis D:

The D virus enters your body by contact with blood of infected people. However, the D virus can infect you only when you are already infected with the B virus. So, if you want to prevent hepatitis D infection, get a vaccine for hepatitis B.

  1. Hepatitis E:

The E virus enters your body by drinking contaminated water. When pregnant women are infected with this virus, their mortality risk increases. The US has rare cases of hepatitis E. It is more prevalent in South and East Asia.

According to WHO estimates, about 257 million people are suffering from chronic hepatitis B and about 71 million people are suffering from chronic hepatitis C globally. This virus is responsible for over one million deaths every year.

Please contact family physicians at urgent care clinic in Pentagon for hepatitis vaccine and more information on this disease.

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