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World Heart Day: After Hours Medical Clinic Near Arlington Can Help You

With World Heart Day just around the corner (on September 29), please spare just one minute right now and listen to your heart. Do this: place your right hand at a little left of your chest. Be silent. Feel the heartbeats. Feel the rhythm.

Is your heart happy? Or is it hurt?

World Heart Day

With the objective of spreading awareness about heart diseases and ways to control them, the World Heart Federation (an NGO based in Geneva) and the World Health Organization came together to observe September 29 as World Heart Day. The first celebration was done in 1999.

As the world struggled with the Coronavirus pandemic, for millions of people suffering from cardio vascular disease, it was one of the scariest times of their lives. They were at a greater risk of contracting the virus. So much was the scare that many people skipped their routine heart checkups and became isolated from their family and friends.

Now, as the world comes out of the pandemic gradually, doctors at after hours medical clinic near Arlington urge heart patients to be more agile with regard to their health examinations. And this advice is not limited to heart patients.

A regular health checkup is a must for people above 30. For those with a family history of heart attacks and cardio vascular diseases, you must listen to your heart more than ever. The clinic conducts Cholesterol Panel.

It is time to check:

• Your cholesterol levels: HDL and LDL
• Your diet: is it balanced?
• Your way of living: is it too sedentary?
• Your thoughts: Your heart beats in a rhythm and your thoughts affect the rhythm.

Many of you may not believe the last one. But it is true.

Check it yourselves.

Do this:

Recall a terrible incident from your past. Feel the emotions you went through at that time. Now, check your heartbeats.

Next, recall a happy memory. Feel the emotions. Check your heartbeats now.

The difference will astonish you!

Your heart feels.

Causes of cardio vascular disease

Coming back to cardio vascular diseases, the following are the commonest causes:

• Hypertension
• Smoking
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Air pollution
• Living in a mentally stressed manner for a long time

A visit to after hours medical clinic near Arlington can give you an insight on your heart health.

The lesser common causes are:

• Cardiac amyloidosis: This is a condition in which an insoluble protein amyloid gets deposited in the heart valves, ventricles, or atria and cause thickening. This leads to decreased heart function.
• Chagas disease: This is limited to America and is caused by a parasite spread through an insect called “kissing bugs” or Triatominae.

A checkup in time can keep you fine

Arlington urgent care doctors are available all-round the week near you. You need no appointment to consult with them. With such a convenient medical facility available, you hardly have an excuse to ignore your heart.

As World Heart Day approaches, pledge to be more considerate towards your heart, which works hard 24x7x365, pumping 2000 gallons of blood daily (1.5 gallons per minute!).

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