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World Health Day 2022: It’s That Time of the Year Again

With the World Health Day approaching (on April 7), it is yet again that time of the year when we must take a hard look at our health aspects.

Are you getting good sleep every night? Are you happy? Are you eating well? Is your body flexible and free of pains and stiffness? Is your blood pressure and sugar normal? Does your skin exude the glow of health?

The package of health

Health comprises physical, mental, and spiritual health. It is a complete package of wellbeing. The best way to become healthier is to listen to your body. Each one is unique. So, each one’s health needs are different.

If you are in doubt about your health, please consult a doctor at the medical clinic near Arlington. They cater to patients of all ages, walks of life, and with or without insurance.

Body’s signals

The body never surprises us. It warns us with signs and symptoms before the onset of disease. We ignore the signs. We fail to recognize them. Even if we do, we tend to linger on with them until they become serious enough to cripple our daily lives. And then we rush to the doctor.

This World Health Day, which is one of the eight health campaigns organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), let’s pledge to be more alert and aware of signs and symptoms and listen to the body better.

Theme of World Health Day 2022

The theme of World Health Day 2022 is: Our Planet Our Health.

This year, WHO’s focus is on the planet at large. After the whole world has been struck with the deadly Covid-19, it focuses to build societies that are centered on wellbeing.

It is important to build a movement in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, rising levels of pollution on the Earth, and the alarming rise of diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart disease across the globe.

It is important that each individual contributes to their and the planet’s wellbeing. Let’s start with ourselves first, right? Ignoring one’s own health is a grave mistake.

Now, with urgent care clinics around the corner, it is easier to take care of your and your family’s health. Contact an urgent doctor near Pentagon and discuss any health problem, doubt, or fear you have. Proactive nature towards health can save you and your loved ones from serious complications.

Clinics devoted to urgent medical service

Urgent care clinics have made it possible for people to access immediate health care service. The clinics are open from early morning to late evening hours, making it possible for busy professionals to see a doctor after office hours.

Clinics operate on walk-in basis. This makes appointments unnecessary. You can simply enter the clinic at any time of the day and ask for a doctor. This has made receiving health care utterly convenient.

You can expect to find a qualified and experienced doctor at medical clinic near Arlington. No worries about insurance. No waiting time. No typical hospital smells and sights.

So, what’s holding you back in taking charge of your health?

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