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World Cancer Day – Uniting the World in Raising Awareness of Cancer

Ever since its inception in 1999 by the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control), World Cancer Day has succeeded in emphasizing different aspects of cancer care and treatment. The theme usually focuses on issues in cancer treatment that demand immediate attention and action. All around the world, hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals come together to create awareness about the particular theme.

Significance of the current theme

World Cancer Day 2022 that falls on February 4th is notable for its theme ‘Close the care gap’. It is an attempt to draw attention to the obstacles faced by millions of cancer patients in accessing crucial care for better recovery. In fact, this specific theme is set to run for three years, with 2022 being the first year.

The new campaign is noteworthy for its efforts to bring to light the inequalities that exist in cancer care and treatment. Not every person who is afflicted with a form of cancer is able to benefit from the latest treatments and technologies that may substantially improve their chances of recovery. It is unfortunate that an elite few continue to enjoy monopoly over the best cancer treatments available worldwide. 

Hospitals and clinics such as family medical walk in clinic in Arlington have enthusiastically taken up the campaign and begun awareness drives about this discrimination. The current theme also encourages an empathetic approach to people afflicted with cancer and to hold open discussions to recognize the barriers to quality treatment.

Why is cancer awareness crucial?

It is common knowledge that the earlier a cancer is detected, the better the chances of recovery. Awareness campaigns play a vital role in encouraging people to go in for tests and benefit from early detection. Additionally, cancer awareness drives conducted by family urgent care clinic near Arlington report numerous benefits such as:

  • Reducing the stigma and fear associated with cancer
  • Aiding people in recognizing early symptoms and seeking diagnosis and treatment at the earliest
  • Educating people about risky lifestyle habits that could contribute to cancers in the long run and offering advice on altering these habits
  • Driving home the importance of regular cancer screenings
  • Creating awareness in women about cancer screening procedures such as mammograms to detect breast cancer in early stages
  • Increasing awareness about simple procedures such as pap smear tests that can offer indications of cervical cancer in women

Even at the incredible rate that cancer treatments and diagnostic technologies continue to progress, cancer is unlikely to be completely conquered in the near future. Until then, the only available option is to make life a little easier for the cancer-afflicted by facilitating early diagnosis and detection. And cancer awareness campaigns have been leading the way in this aspect. Every year, World Cancer Day continues to highlight the need to enhance awareness surrounding different types of cancers, significance of timely diagnosis, new advances in treatments and ways of preventing cancers. This day is a reminder for healthcare institutions including your nearest family medical walk in clinic in Arlington to renew their commitment towards supporting cancer survivors and helping them access quality treatment.

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