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World AIDS Day 2019 Aims To Draw Global Attention for Enhancing the Fight Against HIV

World AIDS Day is observed on the 1st of December every year. The aim of this event is to create more awareness among the global community about this dreaded virus. It is also an opportunity for people from diverse geographical destinations to share a common platform and unite in their fight against HIV.

World AIDS Day is also a good occasion for people living with the virus to get that much-needed support and encouragement to fight on and enjoy a lifestyle that’s qualitatively much better than before.

World AIDS Day was first observed on 1 December 1988 to commemorate those who have died from AIDS and related illnesses.

What The Data Reveals

According to the latest statistics available, there are an estimated 36.7 million people living with the AIDS virus today across the world. Ever since the virus was first identified in 1984, there have been more than 35 million AIDS-related deaths.

Without a doubt, there are advanced forms of treatment now available for AIDS which makes it possible for the affected individuals to live a near-normal lifestyle. However, the fact that there are thousands of new cases being reported every year clearly shows that there is an urgent need to educate more people about AIDS and how it can adversely affect the lives of those affected and their loved ones.

World AIDS Day serves as a reminder to the global community that AIDS is still a huge challenge and the fight is nowhere close to over yet.

The Role Played By The Global Community

The fight against this deadly virus has been successful largely because of the participation, contribution, and commitment of global communities. World AIDS Day has provided a wonderful platform for the global communities to act in unison and as a powerful force.

Spreading awareness about HIV has helped achieve major gains for the affected individuals and their families. Around 79 percent of the affected received testing and 62 percent persons received treatment for AIDS. An impressive 53 percent of the affected had achieved suppression of the virus. This means they were no longer a risk case and could not infect others.

Why Testing Is Important

Early testing is the key to better management of HIV. In the USA, there are many modern HIV testing facilities available where patients who suspect an HIV infection can get tested. Walk-in clinics also offer a wide range of STD testing facilities including HIV testing using the latest technology and equipment.

If you suspect an HIV infection, you can simply walk into an urgent care clinic near you and get tested quickly and discreetly. These clinics make sure that patient information is kept private and confidential. You can even make payments confidentially and choose to receive reports on the phone or via email.

World Health Organizations and other global entities working in this field have ensured that the core message of World AIDS Day reaches the global community every year.

Global leaders have acknowledged the vital role that communities play in better management of AIDS.

On World AIDS Day 2019, WHO will acknowledge and highlight the critical role played by communities to control and end the menace of HIV. At the same time, the event will also continue to try and draw global attention to the need for a larger level of engagement for strengthening the fight against AIDS.

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