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Women’s Health Issues? Here’s How Urgent Care Clinics Can Help

Often, there are times when you simply cannot wait for help. As in the case of many women, you may be experiencing health problems related to pregnancy or uterine infections but have been unable to get an appointment with your family physician or OB-GYN. You may obviously be keen to consult your regular OB-GYN who knows your complete medical history. But when same day appointment is not available and things begin to worsen, you always have the option to seek help at an urgent care clinic.

Reliable medical assistance for women

Although a large majority of women still remain unaware of the services offered by urgent care clinics, such facilities are slowly but steadily gaining popularity among women. Since women tend to give less priority to their health while balancing their family lives and careers, they usually refrain from seeking help until things take a turn for the worse.

And if their health issues worsen at night or on weekends, their regular doctors will clearly be unavailable to offer help. Thankfully, doctors in Arlington VAurgent care clinics cater to most women’s health issues ranging from STD screening and pregnancy tests to UTI infections and menstrual pain. Within minutes of walking in, patients are seen by a qualified doctor and prescribed the necessary medications or treatments. No more waiting – either for appointments or consultation.

ER is not always the right choice

When you are in immense pain due to a pregnancy related issue or a uterine infection, it can seem like a life threatening situation that urges you to rush to the ER (Emergency Room). However, if you have been to ER previously, you probably know how crowded the place can be, how you may be kept waiting until the really serious patients are attended to and how expensive the medical bills can be. You can neatly eliminate all these issues simply by choosing to visit doctors walk in clinic VA.

Urgent care clinics offer the best of medical care – convenient walk-in visits, extended working hours, quick consultation, access to treatment at the earliest, affordable fees and high-quality medical care that always puts you first.

Doctors in Arlington VA urgent care clinics treat numerous women’s health issues and symptoms of ailments such as:

  • UTIs
  • Morning sickness related to pregnancy
  • Vaginal infections
  • Dehydration, abdominal cramps and weakness associated with heavy periods
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or dizziness
  • STD screening based on specific symptoms
  • Back pain, joint pain or body pain

Women have hectic schedules with children, household chores, work, school visits, social obligations, clubs, commutes and more. Sometimes, you may not have the time or patience to wait for an appointment with your regular physician or OB-GYN. Even if these clinics have closed for the day or it is a weekend, you now know where to head to in case of medical issues that require immediate attention. Doctors in Arlington VA walk in clinicsare available at night and even on most weekends to offer you medical attention when you need it most.

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