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Why You Should Visit an Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic for Non-Serious Conditions

When you have to visit a doctor’s clinic or a hospital emergency room (ER) in Arlington, VA for treating any non-life-threatening medical condition, you need an appointment. That would put you back by at least 24 days if not more. Even if your condition is non-life-threatening, can you wait that long? It’s a loaded question because non-serious conditions tend to aggravate into serious conditions when treatment gets delayed. How about visiting an immediate clinic near Arlington VA better known as an urgent care walk-in clinic? Here you don’t need any appointment and can simply walk in for treatment by a qualified physician.

Which walk-in clinic is ideal for you?

Urgent care walk-in clinics are found in different sizes and capacities and their level of treatment also varies accordingly. If you have common flu and cold or indigestion, boils and burns or sprains and strains, you need not seek an appointment at an Arlington doctors office.

Such appointments have a long waiting queue as already explained and it doesn’t really make sense to delay treatment for non-life-threatening conditions especially when you have the option of going to an urgent care walk-in clinic. When you visit such a clinic, you don’t have to wait longer than 30 minutes to see the doctor.

Get treated by qualified doctors

Unlike what some folks believe, any urgent care immediate clinic near Arlington VA will have qualified doctors to treat you. They may not be specialists but then, you would be going to such a clinic for non-serious conditions that can be treated by any qualified physician.

The walk-in clinics have come up to specifically meet the requirements of patients like you who can get treated by non-specialist doctors for non-serious conditions. If you need to get lab tests done, many of the larger urgent care units have the necessary facilities.

Get treatment even if you have no insurance cover

If you don’t have health insurance you cannot get treatment in a traditional Arlington doctors office. Walk into an urgent care clinic anywhere in the city, and you will find that there is no insistence on insurance to pay for your treatment. You can pay cash up-front and get treated.

Are you wondering how to pay your healthcare services bill with the limited money in your pocket? Relax; the cost of treatment even in a large urgent care clinic with freestanding emergency departments (FSED) certification is 10 times less than what it is in a hospital ER.

A large segment of the population is left out of the health insurance services due to government policies. These demographic segments are the millennials and aging baby boomers. For such people, the urgent care clinics are a God-sent option to get treatment for different kinds of non-serious conditions. Not just for these two major demographic segments but for most other folks, a wait time of over 3 weeks in traditional healthcare centers for treating minor and non-serious ailments is way too much. The urgent care clinics came up as alternative care centers that provided the same treatment much faster and at a lower cost.

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