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Why You Should Prefer Urgent Care Doctors in Arlington VA over Primary Care

Primary care clinic is the most logical choice in case of an illness or injury. These clinics can also provide other services including physicals and lab testing.
However, if a patient is suffering from a serious or life-threatening medical condition, then he or she must approach a hospital.

There is another alternative to a traditional primary care clinic or a hospital setup and it is known as urgent care. Urgent care clinics provide prompt and reliable healthcare at the expert hands of some of the leading doctors in Arlington VA.

Highlights of urgent care

Urgent care practice is a new trend and it is now being pursued by thousands of physicians. This underlines the growing popularity of such healthcare facilities. Patients are increasingly seeking services of these convenient and reliable clinics. There are several reasons for the growth of urgent care and convenience is one of the most remarkable among them.

Most times, a primary care clinic may not be open when one needs medical help at odd hours or during weekends. Any medical office run by a family care physician is not designed to be an after hours medical clinic near Arlington. Sometimes patients are in a tight situation if they fail to get an appointment by the primary care physician.

Variety of healthcare facilities

Urgent care doctors in Arlington VA provide treatment for all types of non-life-threatening medical situations that need prompt attention. These may include cases of vomiting, migraine, injuries, cramps, backache, throat infections, diarrhea, and so forth. These conditions deserve urgent treatment and a family care clinic may not be easily accessible during after hours.

Patients suffering from such illnesses need not even seek an appointment before visiting an established urgent care clinic. Any patient can simply walk in for reliable treatment or lab test. Usually, a patient is seen by a doctor within just a few minutes after entering any reputed urgent care clinic.

If you think that urgent care clinics only treat patients who are in urgent need of treatment, you are misinformed. Most established clinics for urgent care have facilities to conduct pathological investigations. This can be of a great help if a patient is suspected to suffer from an infection that needs lab investigation.
Interestingly, you will not require a doctor’s note if you want to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease. These tests are carried out while maintaining the utmost secrecy. Patients can seek a doctor’s advice if the test report confirms an infection.

Seamless availability of healthcare experts

Board certified healthcare professionals and doctors in Arlington VA are always available at urgent care centers to offer their services to patients who need fast and dependable treatment. Since these clinics are situated all across Arlington VA, one can easily approach any one of these without any hassles.

Although, your family physician can be an ideal choice for routine medical problems faced by your family members, an urgent care clinic can be a better and more convenient option if you are looking for an after hours medical clinic near Arlington.

If you searching for doctors in Arlington VA for reliable medical treatment, you have reached the destination. Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic is a reputed after hours medical clinic near Arlington that offers easy access and convenience. Visit now to schedule an appointment.

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