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Why You Must Never Ignore Chronic Pains & Other Such Symptoms


Are you feeling unwell lately? Well, we aren’t talking about Coronavirus symptoms here, but general feeling of ‘unwell-ness.’If yes, then you shouldn’t continue living in such a state.

According to doctors, chronic lethargy, continued feeling of despondency, chronic pains, persistent headaches, chronic stomach troubles like constipation, and other such chronic ‘unfit’ conditions require medical attention. They don’t happen just like that. They might be indications of an underlying medical condition.

For example, chronic lethargy can be an indication of a heart or liver disease. Chronic constipation can be an indication of pelvic floor dysfunction or metabolic problems or an underactive thyroid.

A doctor at a medical clinic near Arlington would examine you and try to dig the root cause of your problem.

It is never a good idea to live with chronic symptoms, even though you may be able to carry out your routine activities, say doctors.

Chronic conditions may affect your immunity

Immunity had almost never found more importance among the layman than now. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, people have become aware of immunity and how to strengthen it.

However, when you continue to let chronic symptoms persist in your body, you hurt your immunity.

For example, chronic pains can produce an adverse effect on your immune system. A research at McGill university, Canada, on laboratory mice suggests that chronic pain can reprogram the working of genes in the body’s immune system. The research elaborates that when you have a pain that persists for long, it can alter the DNA in special immune cells, which are called T cells.

Also, chronic pain in the body produces a stress response, and if this stress response persists, it can lead to a rise in cortisol hormone in the body. High levels of cortisol in the body for prolonged periods is linked to decreased immune function.

So, what you thought of mere pain can trigger a massive alteration in your body and this can directly hurt your immunity.

The best thing to do when in physical pain

No, don’t pop that painkiller yet.

See a doctor.

Visit Arlington walk in clinic and discuss your pain with the doctor. This is the right thing to do, especially in the age of Coronavirus when we need to be more particular about our immunity and overall health, remarks a doctor.

Seeing a doctor is as easy as baking a pie now!

You need no prior appointment. You need not wait in a line. Step inside an urgent care clinic near you and consult a doctor immediately. The clinic is open all 7 days of the week and on holidays. You can also find a doctor in medical clinic near Arlington on extended hours. The clinic is dedicated to offering immediate and primary medical care to all patients walking in.

No need to live with your pain and lethargy only because you don’t want to visit a hospital or wait in a long line. Simply walk in an urgent care clinic that is located just a block away from Pentagon City metro.

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