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Why You Must Get Vaccinated For Flu Before Halloween 2019?

Come September and preparations are on to fight the flu. It usually starts in October. Last year, the flu season went on till April, leading to record-breaking hospitalizations. This year, the American Society of Pediatrics advises parents to get their kids vaccinated for flu early.

Early vaccination is important. According to a renowned pediatrician, it takes about 15 days after you get the shot to get complete protection.

Don’t let flu come in the way of your Halloween 2019 celebrations. So, it’s best to get your shot in September or early October so that you are already fully protected till October 31.

 Vaccinations at urgent care clinic

Most urgent care clinic are equipped for vaccinations. They also offer travel vaccines. You need no prior appointment to visit these clinics. Simply walk in and tell your requirement.

The clinics also offer travel medicines, immigration physicals, occupational medicines, and other services.

So, if you are concerned about your kid’s vaccinations, but dread long waiting lines or driving all the way to the hospital, urgent care is your best bet.

 Enjoy flu-free Halloween 2019

You don’t want your kid to catch flu during Halloween, do you? The festival is still more than a month apart, yet the fever has gripped Americans. Amidst the preparations and the frolic, do not forget to vaccinate your kid for flu.

Kids and their parents usually line up at urgent care centers pre-Halloween, but it is better to visit the center a month before the festival. As mentioned earlier, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to provide full protection against the flu virus.

So, if you take a shot, say after October 20, you are still not protected completely. You might catch the virus while partying during Halloween.

And if you are planning to go door to door dressed up in Halloween costume and with a bag of tricks and treats, you better have yourselves protected on time. Do you know people of the ancient times (centuries ago) dressed up as saints and visited their neighborhood with treats?

Well, this is the actual Halloween custom. Halloween originated from the pagan festival known as Samhain. The term “Halloween” is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve.” It means “hallowed evening.”

 Of saints and the dead

All Saint’s Day falls on November 1. So, October 31 and November 1, both days, are dedicated to paying homage to saints. This is the time when seasons change.

Observers also believe that this is the time when the dead visit the Earth. In other words, the boundaries between this world and the other world become blurred at this time and you can easily connect with the dead on Halloween.

Don’t let flu play Halloween with you. This is the best time to visit an urgent care clinic and get your “armor” against flu virus. Healthy kids should get the shot before the end of October.

Kids between age 6 months and 8 years need two doses. An interval of 4 weeks is needed between the doses. So, if your kid hasn’t received a single dose, this is the right time so that she is fully protected when Halloween 2019 arrives.

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