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Why Arlington Clinic is Boon to Patients with Chronic Illness

People who stay chronically ill must spend a large chunk of their income in medical expenses. They must also invest time and energy in follow-up visits at the doctor and undergo routine tests. In the long run, this can prove to be not only costly, but also cumbersome for the patient and his/her family.

It is here that a doctor medical clinic near Arlington comes to the rescue.

Here are the reasons:

• The clinic is centrally located, which makes it accessible.
• It proves to be cost-effective, especially for patients who must undergo regular tests and medical refills.
• No appointment is required to consult a doctor or undergo a test. The clinic serves patients on walk-in basis.
• The clinic is open all days of the week and on holidays. You need not put your health at the backseat anymore just because you are short of time.
• Doctors at the clinic are well-qualified.

Why not a hospital?

Hospital visits can be a hassle. You must schedule appointments beforehand. Doctors at the hospital are a busy lot (and stressed out too, as per a report). They cater to all types of patients – those with common illnesses and those with life-threatening ones.

Often, a doctor at the hospital is called upon to attend to a seriously ill patient. He or she (the doctor) must keep his/her patients waiting and attend to the serious patient first. Well, this is the call of duty, so one cannot blame the doctor for keeping his/her patients waiting.

However, the patients must wait in pain and discomfort, although they aren’t suffering from a life-threatening condition. But even common ailments such as fever, headache, stomach trouble, sprains, asthma, insect stings, animal bites, fall injuries, and others cause discomfort and demand immediate medical intervention.

It’s different in a clinic…

You need not wait in a clinic. The maximum waiting time recorded is 30 minutes. If you are wondering why is that so, then here are a couple of reasons:
• The clinic caters only to patients with common ailments. You won’t find seriously ill patients here. So, the rush is less as compared to a hospital.
• You must wait when there is a patient ahead of you, but this too takes just a few minutes for the same reason: the patient has a common ailment. The doctor prescribes them a treatment immediately.

The result:

A patient does not wait in discomfort and pain in Arlington doctors office. Within minutes, he or she is ushered into the doctor’s chamber. And if there is no other patient at the time, he or she is ushered into the chamber immediately.

This comes as a huge relief for people who must undergo health exams regularly due to their chronic illnesses. You may be taking a treatment from a doctor at the hospital, but you can certainly visit your nearby clinic for a test. At least you are saved from the hassle of visiting the hospital each time you must undergo a test.

Tests at the clinic

Doctor medical clinic near Arlington conducts a series of tests in its well-equipped lab. From hormone tests to liver tests, from a range of STD tests to cancer tests and more, the clinic helps you keep a check on your overall health.

So, if you or anybody in your family has a chronic illness, worry not. Walk into the Arlington clinic and share your medical history and illness report with the doctor. They can help you keep a tab on your disease management through timely tests and refills. This way, you needn’t visit the hospital for every small consultation or the routine checkup.

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