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Why a Walk in Medical Care near You is a Good Alternative

A recent Harris Poll has found that walk-in medical care clinics that are located in workplaces, office parks, shopping malls, and pharmacies are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. This study was conducted among 3000 adults. Out of the sample survey, 27 percent of them have availed services from work-based clinics or walk-in retail stores in the last 2 years.

When this study was compared with that of 2008, the number has witnessed a 7 percent increase. When the feedback of these patients was analyzed, it was found that the patients were more or less satisfied with the care they received from such clinics.

When inquired about the reasons of the popularity of such clinics, most people said that they opted because “these are walk in medical care near Arlington”. Usually, people visit these walk-in medical care units for availing basic health services that are related to wounds, minor cuts, sore throat, cold, and general immunizations. For such minor issues, people generally avoid family clinics.

Only in the case of more severe diseases, they would prefer to visit urgent family clinics. A walk in medical care near Arlington also provides free medical tests for both cholesterol and diabetes. Such facilities in these clinics are drawing patients with more severe medical conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, and others.

Walk in Medical Clinics are becoming more and more popular because of the associated convenience as well as affordability. The patient doesn’t have to book a prior appointment. The waiting time is very less. The other reasons why this healthcare facility has become so popular is the simple fact that they remain open for extended periods of time (sometime 24×7) and on weekends.

In fact, the healthcare costs in these walk in medical care units are around 90% less than that of Emergency Rooms (ERs). These walk-in facilities are most popular among the vast majority of people in the US who are not covered by the medical insurances or other health insurance plans. With the rising popularity of the walk in medical care units in localities, many health insurance companies have started covering the associated costs of such visits.

Most of these walk in clinics have licensed nurse practitioners who provide people with the best of medical services. That’s why they have come up as a good alternative to urgent family clinics as well as ERs.

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