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When to Visit a Walk in Medical Care near Me?

People suffering from sickness generally search for “walk in medical care near me” to get urgent medical care on an immediate basis. These urgent care clinics help people with one-stop medical services at affordable costs. The best part about this popular medical facility is that you can visit a doctor without making a prior appointment. In 70% of the cases, the wait time is 15 minutes or less than that. They say that walk in medical care is best for those who need instant medical treatment for mild illnesses and can’t wait to visit primary care doctors.

Which are the Symptoms and Medical Conditions for which you can Visit Walk in Medical Care Centers?

You can visit the nearest, reputed urgent care doctor clinic near Arlington VA if you see these symptoms and medical conditions:

  • Feeling feverish while there is no rash on your body
  • Allergic reactions that are non-life threatening in nature
  • Suffering from ear pain
  • Feeling pain while urinating
  • In case of persistent diarrhea
  • Sore throat
  • Vomiting
  • In case of shallow cuts, sprains, and other kinds of minor trauma

When should You Visit a Walk in Medical Care

Urgent medical care clinics are meant for patients who need medical care from a professional medical practitioner urgently or instantly. These clinics come handy when a patient doesn’t get a same day appointment from their own doctor or the doctor’s office is closed during the weekend.

When you should Visit a Walk in Medical Care rather than an Emergency Room?

Emergency rooms are meant for patients who have serious medical conditions such as heart attack, sepsis, stroke, anaphylaxis, gunshot wounds, or others. If you are suffering from these serious medical conditions then it is best to avoid urgent care clinics because they are capable of offering medical assistance for elementary medical needs. If the symptoms are primary in nature, urgent care clinics are the best choice.

Suppose you are experiencing chest pain. You are not sure whether it is happening because of gas/bloated stomach, angina, or is a heart attack. When you are unsure about the extent of your medical condition or symptom, it is best to get immediate medical care from a doctor. In such a case, immediate medical facility is available in walk in medical care clinics near Arlington only. If the chest pain is originating from excessive gas in the stomach, the doctor will prescribe the medicine. In case the chest pain is happening because of a heart disorder, they will arrange for an ambulance so that you can shift the patient to an emergency room.


It is now pretty clear that walk in medical care units are best for patients who require immediate medical attention for their non-serious illnesses.

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