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What’s Lethargy Got to Do With Your Liver?

Feeling tired and lethargic whole day? It’s normal, if it happens once in a while. There are times when we simply want to laze around. However, if this has become an almost everyday affair for you, be alarmed. This could indicate an underlying medical problem.

Lethargy and liver

According to doctors, persistent lethargy or fatigue can be associated with a problem in liver function. The liver plays an important role in keeping you energetic. It produces, stores, and supplies glucose to your body in between the meals. In this way, it aids in keeping your glucose level stable. So, it’s but natural that you would feel fatigued most of the time, if your liver is not doing its duties properly.

Arlington medical clinic is equipped to handle liver problems and infections, although it does not treat life-threatening cases. But, as doctors put it, any life-threatening case begins with a simple symptom. It could be fatigue.

So, if you are feeling tired constantly for many days, walk in the clinic and consult a doctor. Based on your symptom and risk factors, the doctor may suggest a liver panel.

What is a liver panel?

A liver panel is a group of tests to determine your liver function. For this, you must give a blood sample at the lab. Arlington clinic requires no appointment for a test. You can simply come to the clinic and ask for a test.

The liver panel includes measuring the following:

• Albumin: This is a protein that the liver produces. It prevents leakage of fluids in the bloodstream.
• Bilirubin: This yellow-colored waste product is formed during breakdown of RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles or Cells). The liver’s job is to eliminate bilirubin from the body.
• Alkaline phosphate (ALP): This is an enzyme present in the liver, bones, and other body tissues.
• Alanine aminotransferase (ALT): This is a liver enzyme.
• Aspartate aminotransferase (AST): This too is an enzyme found in liver and in various muscles and other organs.


Any deviation from the normal range indicates a liver malfunction. Depending on your test results, doctor at medical clinic near Arlington would suggest you the treatment.

Sometimes, the treatment can be as simple as drinking a lot of water per day. This is generally in case of high level of bilirubin. Water can help flush out the waste product from the body. In fact, people who drink lesser than the recommended amount of water daily may face this condition.

Liver functions

The liver is a super busy organ. It has a long and crucial list of functions in its “job profile.” They include:

• Producing bile to remove waste from the body and break down fats from intestine.
• Secreting a protein that binds with sex hormones. This gives you a healthy sex drive.
• Producing and supplying glucose as and when the body needs.
• Making cholesterol.
• Regulating metabolism of carbs.
• Converting toxic ammonia into urea.
• Fighting infections by producing immune factors.
• Cleansing the blood of drugs and other toxic substances. This includes breaking down your alcohol!

Time to respect your liver more. Visit Arlington medical clinic and don’t ignore that persistent lethargy.

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