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Walk-in Clinics – Convenient and Affordable for High Quality Care

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A walk-in is a medical care facility that accepts patients on a walk-in basis. You do not need an appointment. You just walk in and you will be seen in quick time.

A number of healthcare providers come under the framework of walk-ins including urgent care centers. These are alternatives to family physicians and hospitals and they are bridging a critical gap in healthcare services.

The proliferation of walk-in clinics could be an upshot of the overburdened healthcare system. It diverts patients with not so serious ailments to care facilities that are less expensive than hospitals.

However, patients are choosing walk-ins not just out of desperation. It is convenient and easily accessible. “I visit the walk in clinic Arlington VA because it is well-located and expedient for me”, says a lawyer based in Maryland.

On the other hand, some people seem to be having apprehensions about the quality of care in walk-ins. “They do not have doctors on staff and nurse practitioners make up most of the clinics’ workforce”, says a retired technical consultant.

This misgiving is not true. Most urgent care facilities have a qualified doctor on duty.

At the same time we must also keep in mind that experienced nurse practitioners do the job of diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments very well – almost at par with doctors.

“My wife suffered an episode of urinary tract infection”, says a retail merchant based in Arlington. “The nurse practitioner on duty at a walk in clinic Arlington VA tested for UTI with a simple sample analysis. After diagnosis, the practitioner prescribed antibiotics and analgesics to relieve discomfort. My wife was completely satisfied with the treatment”.

Illness and injuries do not come with a warning.

Walk-ins are open after hours and on weekends. In case you need immediate care, a walk-in facility offers fast, affordable and convenient healthcare.

The present Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the manner in which treatment is given to patients.

Patients who counted on in-person visits have to undergo strict protocols before they enter the clinics.

It is best to call the walk-in center or look online before the visit to see if they require an appointment.

You may even schedule a telemedicine appointment. With your mobile device, the walk-in can treat you from the privacy and comfort of your home.

The usual procedure for a telemedicine visit is:

• Book an appointment online
• The staff will take some time to review your request. After processing, the walk-in will send you a safe and secure link via text
• You must use the secure link to commence the telemedicine visit.

Via tele medicine visits, doctors in Arlington VA are treating ear aches, UTIs, allergies, minor burns, skin infections, cold and flu, and a few other minor ailments.

To ensure the visit is smooth, you need to ensure that your mobile, tablet or desktop has a strong internet connection.

The quality of a healthcare service in the U.S. is evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Timeliness
• Safety
• Effectiveness
• Efficiency
• Patient-centeredness
• Equality

On all the above counts, most walk-in centers deserve a good rating as high quality care providers.

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