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Urgent Care Clinics – Offering Treatment for Smoking Related Breathing Issues

Every year, the World No Tobacco Day reminds smokers about the dangers of smoking and offers ways to safely quit the habit for good. With an increasing number of people, especially youngsters, joining the league of smokers, it is more important than ever before to strongly propagate the benefits of quitting this habit and regaining one’s health.

It is a fact that use of tobacco is a remedial issue all around the globe. It is also the top cause of preventable deaths in developed nations. Clinicians and other health professionals have pivotal roles to play in discouraging the use of tobacco among general public. This can be achieved by offering ways to cut down on the urge to smoke, supporting smokers in their efforts to quit smoking and offering them medical assistance to manage health issues related to tobacco use.

Identifying smokers who need medical assistance

Not all smokers are addicted to tobacco or dependent on tobacco to function properly on a day to day basis. Individuals who are clearly dependent on nicotine exhibit signs such as:

• Smoking multiple packs of cigarettes in a day
• The urge to smoke immediately after waking up in the morning
• Inability to refrain from smoking even when ill
• Waking up in the middle of the night to have a smoke
• Unable to stick to withdrawal efforts and resuming smoking once withdrawal symptoms surface

The more number of these signs a person displays, the more severe is his/her dependence on nicotine. Doctors at urgent care Arlington medical clinic can help smokers manage their addiction with treatment options such as prescription drugs or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Many of these prescription drugs may be used in combination with NRT for more effective results. Remember that you will need a prescription to begin using these drugs. For this reason, it is important to visit an urgent care doctor medical clinic near Arlington and seek the services of a qualified health professional.

Smoking related breathing issues

One of the health issues most often observed in smokers is shortness of breath. Although this problem can also be a result of infections or allergies, studies prove that shortness of breath seem to be more severe in heavy smokers. This is clearly because smoking and tobacco use adversely affects their lung function and decreases their respiratory efficiency.

Breathing difficulties may not seem like a great deal when the symptoms are mild. However, you must not hesitate to seek medical attention when you experience symptoms such as:

• Sharp chest pain
• Losing consciousness
• Experiencing shortness of breath even without exertion
• Breathing becomes extremely slow or stops completely
• Skin, lips or fingernails tinged in blue color
• Dangerously low oxygen levels

If you experience any of these symptoms, rush to your nearest urgent care Arlington medical clinic to avail immediate medical assistance. These facilities remain open even after regular clinics have closed for the day. you also need not worry about prior bookings or waiting for your turn. The clinic will offer you necessary treatment and also help you get started on the journey of quitting smoking.

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