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Tips for Dealing with Slip and Fall Injury Wisely

Your nearest urgent care clinic is one of the best places to be when you have a fall injury. Tripping or falling can happen to anybody anytime.

Those moments just after the fall are crucial. They may also be painful. You may have hurt your muscles or sprained an ankle or twisted your arm. Or the impact of the fall may have hurt your bones or joints.

You need urgent medical intervention. Not all falls are life threatening; but at times, certain injuries fail to surface at the moment. You may feel fine after the fall; but it pains later. You may have hurt yourselves, yet it is not obvious outside.

In cases like these and more, you can contact Arlington urgent care center. Doctors here handle fall injuries. From minor fractures, wounds, sprains, and strains to body pains, joint pains, and others, doctors here can give you appropriate treatment.

Please rush to a hospital in case of a severe fall injury or a major fracture, brain injury, skull fracture, profuse bleeding, unconsciousness, and other such serious conditions.

Urgent care center in Arlington caters to only non-life-threatening conditions.

What to do immediately after you fall?

One of the first things NOT to do is get up immediately. In may fall cases, you don’t immediately figure out how much you are hurt. Take a few relaxed and deep breaths. Slowly move your body, if you can. If you feel discomfort, stay motionless for a while.

Your body might be in a shock. Let it just be for a minute. Then get up slowly. If you cannot get up, call for help.

Usually, when somebody slips and falls on the street, people immediately come to help. In this case too, you mustn’t let people pull you up on your feet too soon. Take their support and get up slowly.

If there is an obvious swelling or a cut, take medical help as soon as possible. You can come to Arlington walk in clinic directly, instead of heading towards home. Doctors will see you here immediately. Even if there are patients before you, you may need to wait only for a few minutes.

Do not overlook fall injuries

You may have tripped and fell on the street. But you felt fine. So you got up and went home. After a few hours, you begin to feel pain in the knee or arm. Or maybe you feel pain or discomfort in the waist while bending or twisting sideways. It is wise to not ignore such symptoms.

You may have hurt yourselves, but it’s not obvious on the surface of the body. It is better to consult a doctor at Arlington urgent care center.

It is said, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Timely treatment can save you from a major medical trouble later.

If the pain persists for more than two days or worsens, or if you are unable to walk or run properly, or maybe your arm pains when you lift something, you must not overlook these signs. Seek medical help immediately.

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