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Tested Your Blood Pressure Recently? What Does the Result Say?

Have you had your blood pressure tested lately? Most people don’t because they are simply not aware that they suffer from hypertension. It is a silent killer because many who suffer from high blood pressure do not notice any visible change in their health condition.

What Is Hypertension?

When there is an increased level of resistance when blood flows through the arteries, it causes blood pressure levels to increase. Aging, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy food habits and lifestyle can cause hypertension. When left untreated, it can cause health complications including coronary diseases.

Hypertension is a common health condition that affects a large number of people on the upper side of 40. In recent years, even people of a relatively younger age have been diagnosed with hypertension. As you do not notice any major symptoms, hypertension remains untreated in most patients. It can damage blood vessels and can affect the functioning of vital body organs such as the kidneys, eyes, and even the brain over the years. That’s why early detection is of vital importance.

A regular checkup by your physician will help in detecting the condition early. The trained eyes of the physician will notice any changes happening in your body systems. If this is accompanied by a steady high blood pressure count, it could indicate that you are at risk.

Some of the Most Common Symptoms to Look For

  • Shortness of breath while indulging in physical activity
  • Dull pain in the chest that occurs at regular intervals
  • Changes in vision
  • Nose bleeding in some cases
  • A feeling of fatigue and dullness
  • Headache

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, make sure you see your family doctor at once and tell him or her of the symptoms you are suffering from. Your physician will run a few checks to confirm or rule out the condition. If you have a family history of hypertension, you are more susceptible. Your doctor will recommend a more regular check in such instances so that any potential issues can be avoided or at least controlled better.

Apart from genetics, there are many other reasons for hypertension:

  • Kidney malfunctioning
  • Sleep apnea
  • Heart issues
  • Thyroid problems
  • Side effects of some types of medications
  • Chronic alcoholism
  • Other major health disorders

Diagnosing Hypertension

Diagnosing blood pressure is easy. All the doctor has to do is take your blood pressure reading. If it is above the prescribed levels, more readings are taken over a period of time. A single high blood pressure reading does not mean much, but if the readings show a consistently high BP, it confirms that you are suffering from hypertension.

There are two sets of readings that the doctor will take into account. The systolic BP indicates the blood pressure in the arteries when blood is pumped out from the heart. Diastolic pressure is the pressure between two heartbeats. A reading of 120/80 MM of mercury indicates a healthy blood pressure.

Recommended Treatment

Treatment for high blood pressure includes beta blockers that slow down the heartbeat and diuretics that help remove excess body fluids and sodium so that blood pressure is well regulated. Your doctor may also prescribe a host of other medications based on the severity of your condition. You will also be recommended a healthy diet and regular exercise so that your body weight becomes normal and stays that way.

Quit smoking, and avoid alcoholic beverages if you do not want your blood pressure to spiral off. Reducing sodium intake is extremely important.

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