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Symptoms Of Heart Attack Are Different In Women – Why You Must Know What They Are

Not many of us are aware that the signs of heart attack are different in both men and women. In women, the classic symptoms associated with an impending heart attack are rarely seen. Men are likely to feel a dull, throbbing pain in the chest, and a squeezing sensation that might remain for a period of time or might ease and become acute in a cyclic pattern. Other symptoms of a heart attack in men include pain or discomfort in the arms, left shoulder and even in the jaw or stomach.

In women, the symptoms of heart attack can be significantly different from that for men. Most women who suffered a heart attack did not report any pain or discomfort in the chest area. Instead, the frequently reported signs were:

  • Extreme and unusual fatigue
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Unexplained anxiety
  • Pain in the abdomen, indigestion
  • Pain in the jaw and surrounding areas

As these symptoms are quite different from the ones associated with a possible heart attack in men, the signals are often ignored. They can lose critical lead time because of this as most women are unaware that the symptoms of a heart attack in women are different.

Women In Their 50’s Experience Different Symptoms Than Younger Ladies

The risk of heart attack increases in women when they reach the age of around 50. They experience significant physical changes around this age as this is the time when most begin to experience menopause. The level of the hormone estrogen drops in the body during this time. Estrogen is believed to help keep the heart protected. That’s the reason why the risk of heart ailments increases in women after menopause.

Unfortunately, women who experience a heart attack are less likely to survive than men. Therefore, it becomes even more important to remain conscious of your heart health after you go through menopause. Women over 50 years of age may experience a different set of symptoms of a heart attack.

What To Look For:

  • Severe pain in the chest
  • A feeling of discomfort accompanied by pain in one or both arms
  • Pain in the back, neck, jaw, or stomach
  • Irregular heartbeats that can become rapid at times
  • Episodes of sweating

Why Women Should Be Well-Informed Of These Symptoms

It is important to not only make women aware of the fact that they are likely to have entirely different symptoms of heart attack than men, but also educate others on this fact. This will help in providing rapid and effective care when they actually are close to suffering a heart attack.

It is also commonly observed that women are less likely to seek medical attention and treatment even when the warning signs are pretty obvious. This delay or negligence on their part can significantly reduce the chances of survival.

Medical professionals all over the world are stressing on the fact that there should not be even a moment’s delay in calling for an ambulance or other forms of medical assistance when they experience these symptoms.

Timely medical intervention and treatment can improve the chances of surviving a heart attack. Doctors will work quickly to restore blood flow to the affected part of the heart muscle as soon as possible and limit the quantum of damage to the heart.

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