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Startling Benefits of a Quick Family Urgent Care in Arlington

It is a common myth that any medical condition requiring instant medical attention is usually life-threatening. Fever, headache, diarrhea, nausea, earache, giddiness, sprains, and minor injuries or fractures are a few conditions that may not be non-life threatening yet need immediate treatment by a physician or a registered nurse practitioner. Approaching a quick family urgent care in Arlington is the right strategy to get treatment and relief from disturbing symptoms.

Urgency of treatment

Many patients requiring faster treatment consider family physician clinics or primary care centers. Though approaching conventional medical facilities is a logical decision, there may be a delay in getting the treatment. Besides, it is tough to visit a family physician during after-office hours. These facilities do not operate on holidays or weekends, making it problematic to seek treatments for common ailments, injuries, and fractures.

Imagine someone in the family gets a sudden migraine attack or complains of severe backache on Sunday when most medical offices are not open. Visiting a reputed family urgent care near Arlington, VA, is your best option for fast and dependable treatment. The clinic promises the availability of nurse practitioners or physicians through extended hours and on holidays. So you will find medical help at odd hours or during a vacation when most medical offices do not operate.

Catering to patients with common medical conditions

Non-life-threatening medical conditions warranting immediate treatment are suitable as quick family urgent care in Arlington. The patient does not require an appointment to see the doctor in these healthcare facilities. Besides, the average wait time is a few minutes, unlike standard medical offices that make you wait longer.

You can expect speedy relief for you or near one as experienced and qualified staff and on-site doctors are available for extended hours at the urgent care. There are advanced diagnostic facilities for early diagnosis of infections and other medical conditions. The clinic provides radiological investigations for detecting fractures.

Ideal alternative to family physicians

The medical office of a family physician is a logical choice for routine medical issues affecting kids or seniors in a family. More families prefer visiting walk-in urgent care centers to avoid long wait times. Immediate care clinics ensure a quick consultation with an on-site physician for any family member. You need not fix an appointment to visit these clinics, but it is advisable to call and inform reception for faster service.

Family physicians are suitable for the regular follow-up of chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma, as they have our medical history. Besides, you can plan these follow-up visits by fixing an appointment. Common conditions requiring urgent treatment can strike with no warning.

These call for quick treatment as the patient needs urgent relief. A quick family urgent care in Arlington is a better option for medical urgencies than a family physician’s medical office.

Facility for quick diagnostic tests

Sometimes, a physician may require confirmation of the diagnosis by ordering a diagnostic test. They may need to check the extent of bone damage by getting the X-ray report. The established family urgent care near Arlington VA provides X-ray and lab testing facilities for a quick investigation. It ensures faster treatment of the condition.

Reputed urgent care centers enable same-day STD testing for individuals who need fast and discreet testing. There are multiple STD test panels to help with speedy diagnosis. Patients can approach an on-site physician for consultation and treatment if necessary. The availability of several medical facilities is driving the popularity of urgent care clinics in Arlington.

Are you looking for a reputed quick family urgent care in Arlington? You need not search any further because you are in the right place. Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic is the established family urgent care near Arlington, VA, offering a broad spectrum of services like lab tests, routine physicals, and vaccinations, besides quality treatment of common illnesses and injuries. Visit to find more.

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