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Sleep Significance, Problems, and Essential Elements

Recently, on March 18, 2022, the world observed World Sleep Day. The theme was: “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.” Started in 2008 by World Sleep Society’s World Sleep Day Committee, the day raises awareness about the importance of sleep for health.

Sleep problems

A large chunk of the world’s population suffers from sleep problems. Some find it difficult to fall asleep. Some cannot sleep at all. Some have interrupted sleep. Some sleep too much and find it hard to wake in the morning. Some suffer from sleep apnea. While some walk in sleep!

Do you know sleeping pills is one of the most rampant prescriptions in the world?

Sleep issues can affect health. Also, sleep issues can be a sign of some underlying health problem.

Arlington doctors office is a good place to visit when you have sleep issues. Ignoring sleep problems can lead to complications over time. People generally consider sleep as a least important thing, when it is one of the most essential things for body and mind!

Importance of sleep

Sleep helps your body to repair and regenerate. It does so during night when you are in deep slumber. If you don’t sleep, the body gets no chance to repair. This can severely affect your physiological and psychological functions. It can lead to cognitive impairment.

Try not sleeping for one whole night and you will know! Just one night of no sleep can make you irritable, confused, disoriented, and with poor concentration the next day. Go on like this and the brain will automatically shut down. This is one of the reasons for road accidents when people fail to get a good night’s sleep and continue to drive.

Essential elements of healthy sleep

Sleep duration and sleep continuity are two essential elements for a restful sleep that induces health. Not everybody needs 8 hours of sleep. Some do fine with just 6 to 7 hours of sound sleep every night. Others may need upto 8 hours to wake up fresh in the morning.

According to doctors at medical office near Arlington, heredity plays a role in determining the number of hours you need to sleep for good body and mind functioning.

Average sleep duration for adults is found to be 7 to 8 hours.

Uninterrupted sleep is important to help your body get the necessary repair and refreshment. Waking up several times a night can disturb your sleep cycle. Even waking up once in a night can disrupt your normal cycle. Many people find it difficult to fall back to deep sleep.

According to doctors, if you wake up at a particular time every night, you must not ignore this. It indicates a certain underlying medical issue. Please consult a doctor in this case.

A healthy mind and body automatically attracts good sleep at night. There is no reason to not fall asleep. Sleep problems indicate there is something wrong in your physical or mental health. Sleeping pill is not the solution to sleep problems. Dig the root cause and work upon it.

You must fall asleep naturally every night and wake up fresh in the morning. Does this happen to you daily?

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