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Sinus Infection? Visit Urgent Care Clinic For Precise Diagnosis And Proper Treatment

A sinus infection can be extremely frustrating in the way it makes breathing difficult and gives you a throbbing headache and a runny nose. When the infection strikes out of the blue, all you will obviously wish for is to recover from it as soon as possible.

Waiting for the infection to pass is simply not a smart choice since it may worsen or persist even beyond the days you have in mind. Going for over-the-counter medications? This is again not recommended since you may have no idea if it is a bacterial or viral infection.

You must remember that sinus infections are of different types and severity levels. A single solution does not work for all. And to know what will work, you need to get a proper diagnosis. This is why it is important to visit urgent care clinics doctors in Arlington VA to accurately diagnose your sinus infection and get started on proper medications.

Understanding sinus infection

Also known as sinus inflammation or sinusitis, this condition is characterized by the inflammation of the nasal passage due to allergies, infections or other causes. It can be classified into chronic sinus inflammation and acute sinus inflammation. Usually, acute sinus infection is caused by an underlying condition such as allergy or common cold. It is also easier to treat than the chronic version.

If you are infected with chronic sinus inflammation, the diagnosis can be complicated. Additionally, it demands reliable medical assistance to keep the infection in check. Doctors in Arlington VA urgent care clinics are experienced in diagnosing such infections and can give you a precise diagnosis in minutes.

Now let us move on to what causes sinus infections. Bacterial and viral infections are largely responsible for triggering sinus inflammation in people. Although the symptoms may appear almost similar, the treatment procedures for viral infections vary from that for bacterial infections. Furthermore, the occurrence of bacterial sinusitis is less than viral sinusitis. This is why it is integral to visit an urgent care doctor clinic near Arlington VA and get a proper diagnosis.

Symptoms and treatment

The first few symptoms that indicate the onset of sinus infection are runny nose and nasal congestion. Almost all affected individuals also experience headache that may be mild in some and intense in others. Facial pain is another distressing symptom of sinus infection. Recovering from these symptoms require you to eliminate the infection from its root. And to do that, you need to get properly diagnosed at an urgent care clinic.

After an evaluation of your infection and necessary tests at the clinic, your doctor will suggest a treatment plan based on the cause of your infection. If it is a bacterial infection, you will be started on a course of antibiotics that work really well in fighting the bacteria. However, this treatment plan is not enough to manage viral infections. For this, doctors in Arlington VA urgent care clinics will prescribe anti-viral medications. And if allergies are the cause of the infection, a steroid spray may be suggested.

Visit an urgent care clinic the next time you have a sinus infection and seek reliable treatment.

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