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Save Yourselves From GERD Before It Turns Into Cancer!

Interestingly, GERD Awareness Week comes just around Thanksgiving when most Americans suffer from heartburn due to overeating. Well, it’s hard to resist the delicious food on the table, right? Yet, heartburn can play spoilsport to your festivity.

Here’s what doctors have to say:

• If you experience heartburn once in a blue moon because you overate and hardly moved your body after eating, then it’s okay.
• But, if you notice experiencing heartburn more frequently lately, you must consult a doctor even before your Thanksgiving feast. You might be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Walk in the doctor clinic near Arlington VA and get prompt treatment and useful tips to prevent such incidents in the future. The doctor may also advise you to avoid certain foods during the feast dinner so that your stomach and esophagus stay happy after dinner.

About GERD

GERD is a chronic condition. It happens when the gastroesophageal valve that allows food to enter the stomach fails to close properly. As a result, acid from the stomach flows back to your food pipe, causing a burning sensation.

Many people call it acidity. But, according to doctors, GERD is not an acidity condition. It is an anatomical condition. It is due to the improper functioning of gastroesophageal valve.

If you ignore this condition, it can lead to complications later. Many people do not discuss it with their family, thinking it’s just acidity and will be alright. Please do not stay silent. Talk to your family about it so that they know what you are suffering from. Visit your nearest family urgent care clinic near Arlington VA.

Do you know one in every five American adults suffer from this condition?

Why antacids won’t work always

Antacids are meant for acidity and as GERD is not an acidity condition, but a malfunction of the gastroesophageal valve, antacid won’t work in your case.

If you find yourselves popping an antacid every week or even more frequently, you must consult a doctor. This isn’t mere acidity.

If left untreated, GERD can lead to:

• Inflammation of the esophagus
• Damage to throat
• Narrowing of the esophagus
• Barrett’s Esophagus
• Esophagus cancer

Alarming fact

Approximately 30 million North Americans suffer from GERD. Around 5 per cent of GERD patients develop Barrett’s Esophagus, which is more common in males than in females.

When you visit doctor clinic near Arlington VA, the doctor will examine your esophagus and find out whether you have already developed Barrett’s Esophagus. If you continue to ignore your problem, it may take a serious turn. Barrett’s Esophagus, as per doctors, has a greater risk of turning cancerous.

Timely and proper treatment can help your esophagus to heal and save you from precarious conditions.

About GERD Awareness Week 2022

The 23rd Annual GERD Awareness Week 2022 starts from November 20 and ends on November 26. It intends to raise awareness about this condition and to urge people to not take it lightly. The Week intends to educate people about GERD and how it can damage their food pipe and even lead to cancer, when left untreated.

If you or anybody in your family or peer group complains of acidity frequently, urge them to consult a doctor. Family urgent care clinic near Arlington, VA, is open all days of the week and on holidays. You can visit the clinic without appointment and take prompt medical consultation and care.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, make sure you and the members of your family are healthy enough to gorge on the feast. Health is the biggest wealth. A person with a healthy mind and body is the most blessed in the world.

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