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Role of Urgent doctor near Pentagon in the War against Covid- 19

Seasonal flu or common cold can impact your daily routine due to symptoms such as headache, body ache, runny nose, and fever. Since most of the diseases belonging to these categories are caused due to viruses, there is no specific treatment.

In order to find quick medical advice for these annoying signs and symptoms of common seasonal infections, the best resource is a qualified urgent doctor near Pentagon. One needs to approach any one of the top medical offices in the vicinity without losing further time because of the current Corona virus pandemic.

Corona virus infection

We all know that corona virus infection spreads very fast after reaching the stage of community transfer. We should take the utmost care to prevent this infection for two important reasons.

The first reason is Corona virus infection can be fatal if a patient is suffering from other disorders including tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, and hypertension, to name a few.

The second reason for exercising all possible precautions as advised by doctors in Arlington VA to prevent corona virus infection is because this disease, at present, has no treatment. Although, several healthcare companies are trying their best, it appears that the vaccine to fight against CoViD-19 will not be ready before September 2020.

Key tips for CoViD prevention

Healthcare professionals offer vital instructions in terms of care to be taken for prevention of corona virus infection. Since the disease is found to spread through droplets and contact, one must maintain social distancing while mixing with people.

It is for the same reason that you are advised to wear a mask whenever going out. The most important tip to prevent Coronavirus infection is to maintain strict hand hygiene. Use of alcohol based hand sanitizers and frequent washing of hands for not less than twenty seconds are vital measures.

These tips need to be religiously followed by everyone irrespective of the person’s age, caste, and gender.

The role of the GP

One should immediately call or visit a reliable physician or any urgent doctor near Pentagon if he or she has mild flu-like symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or fever. The person may or may not be infected with corona virus.

It is the doctor’s duty to check the patient and advise further treatment which may include prolonged isolation.

If the patient is suspected to be suffering from corona virus, the doctor will direct him or her for the CoViD-19 test which is the only way of confirming diagnosis. Every patient of Coronavirus needs to be kept in quarantine after confirmation of the diagnosis. Many countries have reserved hospital facilities to house corona-infected patients exclusively.

Home based isolation

Many countries have declared lockdown measures to break the chain of Coronavirus spread. This allows the government to keep families in home isolation for a long period which can extend up to months.

Isolation is also the most practical way of treating patients with mild corona symptoms. This type of isolation can extend up to two weeks. If the symptoms become more severe, any reputed urgent doctor near Pentagon would recommend shifting the patient to a corona ward for advanced care that may include use of life support systems including ventilators.

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