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Reasons to Choose Doctor Medical Clinic Near Arlington

It is good to have a family doctor. But, only around 35 per cent of doctors prefer to provide medical services in extended or odd hours. What if you are feeling intense pain in the stomach late in the evening?

Moreover, family doctors have other patients to attend to. If your family physician is associated with a busy hospital, then you cannot expect him/her to be available at all times. What if your loved one has an asthma attack and needs urgent medical help?

It becomes a challenge for an ill person to drive to a hospital and do all the formalities and then wait for his/her turn to see the doctor.

It is in times like these that doctor medical clinic near Arlington comes to your rescue.

Why the clinic?

When your family doctor is unable to attend to you at extended hours, you can hop into your nearest clinic and see a doctor. The clinic stays open till late hours. It is likely that your family doctor is on vacation during holidays or weekends. However, you can always find a doctor at Arlington’s medical clinic

In most areas of the States, urgent care clinics are located at convenient places. Some are so near you can simply walk in and need no car to drive down to the clinic. Arlington’s clinic is located near metro station, which makes it a convenient place to seek medical help.

Preferred place for immunizations

From flu shots to bird flu shots to travel vaccines, doctor clinic near Arlington VA is a preferable place to get vaccinated. They also offer physicals for immigration, sports, or school.

The clinics are equipped in a manner that they cater to the whole family. This implies that people of all ages can come to the clinic for test and treatment.

Whether you have a fracture or a sprain, whether you are seeking consultation for STD or want a doctor’s opinion regarding your mental health status, you can visit the clinic and get the best medical advice.

When NOT to go to your nearest clinic?

Urgent care clinics such as the doctor medical clinic near Arlington is meant for treating common ailments. They also conduct a slew of tests. However, they do not handle life-threatening medical conditions. Please rush to a hospital in these cases.

Examples are:

• Heart attack
• Severe chest pain or chest tightness
• Shortness of breath
• Profuse bleeding
• Brain injury
• Major fracture
• Stroke
• Loss of consciousness
• Labor pains

Urgent care clinics are best for treating common ailments like:

• Common cold and flu
• Fever
• Sore throat, cough, and sinusitis
• Asthma attacks
• Arthritis pain
• Body pains, migraines, and other kinds of headaches
• Fall injuries and minor fractures and wounds
• Minor burns, boils, and cuts
• Infections of kidneys, prostrate, eyes, and ears
• Pink eye
• Lyme disease and other skin infections
• Dizziness and other such common illnesses
• Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
• Stomach troubles, including diarrhea, constipation, pain, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, and ulcers
• Heartburn
• Sprains and strains

The doctor at medical clinic near Arlington will help to diagnose any underlying medical condition after looking at your signs and symptoms. That’s why it is advisable to not ignore any sign or symptom. Walk in your nearest clinic and consult a doctor.

Although the clinic does not treat terminal illnesses, it offers tests and diagnosis. This way, you can know your health status and take necessary action if needed.

So, even if you have a family doctor, keep the number of your nearest doctor clinic with you. In case of a medical urgency, simply walk in and seek treatment or consultation. You can also undergo a test without doctor’s prescription.

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