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Pneumonia – Easily Treatable And Curable At Urgent Care Clinic

Pneumonia can strike when you least expect it. Since the symptoms vary in individuals, it is not rare for the condition to be diagnosed until breathing difficulties surface. With the COVID 19 pandemic spreading its tentacles all over the world, pneumonia has often been in the news as one of the serious afflictions in people post infection. It can be terrifying to witness infants, children or older people struggling to breathe and in obviously in need of urgent medical aid. Thankfully, prompt and reliable healthcare is now available, even if it is past the regular working hours of your family doctor.

Your nearest family medical walk in clinic in Arlington is your best option when it comes to accessing medical facilities round the clock. Staffed with friendly and experienced medical professionals, these clinics ensure immediate consultation and treatment since you do not have to get an appointment or wait for your turn. Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinics are equipped to handle most illnesses, accidents and injuries that demand urgent medical aid but are not life-threatening.

Understanding the infection

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that leads to fluid retention in the lungs, causing breathing difficulties. It is usually of three types as follows:

Bacteria: Most often triggered by the bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia, the infection can affect one or both lungs. It is frequently diagnosed in individuals when flu or the common cold is more prevalent.

Viral: Sometimes, viral flu can aggravate to cause pneumonia, especially in children. Targeted treatment is necessary to prevent the infection from worsening. An urgent care clinic can provide precise treatment for children too.

Fungal: This type of pneumonia is generally rare and usually afflicts individuals with weak immune systems.

Although pneumonia in itself usually does not turn serious, viral diseases such as COVID 19 can compromise the ability of your immune system to effectively fight bacteria, fungi or virus that may have caused the lung inflammation and subsequent development of pneumonia. Breathing assistance may be required to provide the patient relief and prompt treatment will help accelerate the process of recovery.

Reliable medical care at walk-in clinics

If a dear one is exhibiting flu-like symptoms and experiencing breathing issues, do not hesitate to rush the person to a family medical walk in clinic in Arlington and run the tests for pneumonia. The best clinics feature advanced testing systems that guarantee precise diagnosis. Within minutes, the results will be available and the medical staff will immediately begin necessary treatment and medication.

Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinics feature experienced doctors who will subject the patient to a physical examination and prescribe chest X-rays and blood tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. Once the type of pneumonia has been identified, the patient will be immediately started on medications. In case of severe breathing difficulties, the patient will be offered nebulizer treatment to help dissolve the fluid buildup and clear the airways for easier breathing.

When you or a dear one is down with flu and breathing issues, remember that it can be pneumonia and that it demands immediate medical attention. Simply consult the experienced medical professionals at your nearest family medical walk in clinic in Arlington and avail the best healthcare facilities anytime and any day of the week – even on weekends and holidays.

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