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Managing Migraine During These Covid-19 Times

For most of their lives, migraine sufferers complain of headaches on a regular basis.

The headaches usually come on gradually, and then increase – causing excruciating pain and pressure that culminates in vomiting or visiting a healthcare facility.

It is a challenging ordeal for most sufferers making them feel weak and exhausted for days afterwards.

Migraine is the most common cause of common ailment in the United States affecting about 12 percent of the populace – most of them women.

Research has revealed that migraine takes a significant toll on workplaces too with people losing ~ 4 workdays per year.

Sadly, even in these days of medical advances migraine is still an enigma.

It is true some new drugs are effective, yet others have proved to be pitiful failures.

Studies have suggested that more than a billion people worldwide suffer from migraine or some of the cluster headaches and you wonder why science has not been able to fix an apparently common problem as a migraine.

But there seems to be a ray of hope.

In March this year, one of the most coveted prizes in neuroscience, the Brain Prize went to 4 scientists – each working independently of one another. They are working on transforming our perception of migraines and similar headaches.

To be sure, our brains are perplexingly complex organs, and they are a challenge to study. It is no wonder scientists working on them must get their due credit.

Till such time we get a definitive cure, it is best to visit a healthcare nearby or a walk-in doctor near Arlington if the distress is severe.

The doctor will examine you and prescribe one of the abortive drugs that will provide you relief from pain, nausea, or light sensitivity.

Some women experience migraines during their periods because it alters the level of estrogen during this time.

Here is a caveat.

A person suffering from Covid-19 infection may experience headaches like migraine.

There is no need to panic in this regard because medical experts are of the opinion that migraine does not increase the likelihood of severe complications from Covid-19.

Headache by itself is an umbrella term that includes migraine. So, if you have other signs of Covid-19 infection then it is best to consult a doctor.

Doctors say that a Covid-19 headache does not present with typical migraine symptoms like vomiting and light sensitivity.

Covid-19 headache is of different type. It could be felt on both sides of the head unlike only on one side.

If you are experiencing severe migraine symptoms, a visit to nearest urgent care clinic in Arlington will help in discussing treatment options.

During this pandemic it makes sense to keep enough medications in your home for at least 90 days.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), you must continue taking medications for migraine that are considered safe.

In addition, it also helps to practice a healthy lifestyle, lower stress, adapt to the “new normal” routine, and practice physical distancing.

If you still have questions and concerns, you may visit walk-in doctor near Arlington or get care via telehealth visits if the facility offers such an option.

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