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Insect Bites or Sting? Here’s How Walk In Clinics Can Help

With the pandemic slowly easing its tentacles around the world, people are flocking outdoors to rediscover the uplifting feeling of enjoying fresh air, trekking, camping and nestling amidst nature. After being confined indoors for so long, it is not surprising that adults and children often do not exercise ample caution while having a great time outdoors. This has inevitably led to a spike in the number of people approaching hospitals with stings and insect bites.

The disturbing fact about insect bites is that the physical reaction following a sting or insect bite of each individual is different. While it may not cause anything more than a slight discomfort and swelling in some people, others may develop aggressive allergic reactions, rashes and even breathing difficulties. The situation definitely requires immediate medical attention and treatment – both of which are easily accessible in urgent care clinics.

Quality medical care for mild and severe symptoms

If you are unsure about what insect bit you, it is best to avoid self-treatment and consult a walk in medical care near Pentagon as soon as possible. This is important because some symptoms arising from insect venom do not surface until hours later. Consulting a doctor will help you understand what kind of insect has bit you and how exactly it will impact you.

Mild allergic reactions to insect bites include itching, swelling or pain at the spot. Sometimes, you may also notice blistering around the spot. Such symptoms usually subside after a couple of days. However, it is always safe to get the opinion of a doctor on such matters. Mild symptoms like pain or swelling can be easily treated with a cold pack. Applying calamine lotion will help ease the itching. After these preliminary steps, it is recommended that you consult a clinic to ensure that you are in the safe zone.

People who are highly allergic to stings or insect bites will exhibit more severe symptoms such as breathing difficulties, dizziness, vomiting, swollen tongue and lips, change in heart rate or even fainting. Such individuals must be immediately rushed to a walk in clinic around Pentagon and provided quality medical treatment. With fast diagnosis and medications, it is possible to provide relief and save these individuals before the condition worsens.

Benefits of after hours clinics

After hours clinics are open 24 hours on all days including weekends and holidays. You can simply walk in without an appointment and avail immediate medical care in case of an insect bite. The walk in medical care near Pentagon features lab facilities with advanced testing technologies so that you can get any blood tests done quickly and easily with minimum hassles.

The friendly and experienced staff at walk in medical care near Pentagon will ensure that you are examined by a doctor within minutes and prescribed necessary medications if required. In case you have a history of allergies to insect bites, you may be placed on observation and provided treatment until the medical team is convinced that you are out of danger.

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