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How US Healthcare System is Undergoing Sweeping Change

Healthcare in the US is usually expensive. You could end up shelling out thousands of dollars for receiving treatment for a fall injury in a typical hospital. Also, doctors are a busy lot. You may or may not get an appointment quickly. You must wait; and for a patient to wait is no less than a nightmare. You are in pain. Waiting for two days to see a doctor is like waiting for eternity.

Besides, you ought to have a health insurance in the US. Well, you can choose not to have one, but then, be prepared to pay a hefty medical bill. Insurance protects you from swirling down into debts in case you or your loved one needs hospitalization or a prolonged treatment.

Doesn’t this look like a grim picture of healthcare?

It does. Yet, things are not hopeless. Doctors in Arlington VA urgent care clinic are like a silver lining in the dark cloud.

The opening of urgent care clinics has cracked a new dawn of accessible and cost-effective primary healthcare in the US.


It is found that urgent care clinics are relatively 70 per cent cheaper than hospitals. You must also include the money you save on car gas. Such clinics are easily accessible; you need not drive far.

The clinics cater to both insured and uninsured patients. Not everybody has a health insurance. It is not wrong to say that an Arlington doctors office is a blessing for an uninsured patient. The cost is less too. So, the lack of insurance does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can still afford healthcare at your nearest clinic.

Appointments are passe

Welcome to the new age healthcare, which is sweeping America in a tremendous wave of change. Gone are the days when you needed to pick your phone to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Feeling unwell? Simply walk in your nearest doctors office. No appointment; no waiting. Walk inside and ask for a doctor. If there isn’t a patient ahead of you, you would be ushered in the doctor’s chamber immediately. The maximum waiting time is no more than 30 minutes.

Now, it is upto you how quick you are in taking charge of your health. You can no longer blame the healthcare system. The system’s undergoing a revolutionary change!

Lab tests

Arlington doctors office is equipped with a lab that conducts tests including:

• TB test
• X-rays
• Liver panel
• Cholesterol panel
• Hormone panel
• ED panel
• STD panel
• Cancer panel
• Stool parasite panel

You can also receive flu shot or any vaccination. The clinic keeps a stock of travel vaccines too.

Doctors in Arlington VA provide testing and treatment on the same day. For example, if you are diagnosed with a kidney infection, you will receive treatment in the same visit. You need not visit the clinic again to seek treatment.

Of course, depending on your medical condition, you may need to visit the clinic for follow-ups or a re-test.

Family doctor

Most of the Americans receive their primary medical care from family physicians. Good. But not always. You still must take an appointment from your family physician. What if he/she is out of town? What if your doctor is busy in a surgery? At times like these, your nearest doctor in Arlington clinic comes to the rescue.

People who have no particular family physician find doctors in Arlington VA competent enough to be called family doctors.

Arlington urgent care clinics do not compromise in quality or hours of medical care. In fact, the clinics are open on extended hours, 7 days a week and on holidays. Doctors are highly qualified. The staff is trained and cordial. So walk in and be a part of America’s shifting healthcare system.

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