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How to Take Care of the Elderly? 11 Tips for Caregivers

Elders in a house are a blessing. However, there are times when they become dependent on you for their daily routine. This could be due to a debilitating medical condition or sudden fall/injury. This could make a challenging task for you to take care of them.

At times, it can be stressful for the caregiver. He or she may need to take care of the elderly at home often single-handedly and carry out the daily chores too.

How your nearby clinic can help

Doctors at quick family urgent care clinic in Arlington can help make things easier. First, the clinic caters to the immediate primary medical needs of the entire family, including the elderly.

Second, consultation at the clinic requires no prior appointment. So, you can bring your grandparent straightaway to the clinic in case they have a medical issue. Sometimes, the caregiver may feel stressed or depressed or even fatigued themselves. The doctor can help you regain your strength and health through quick medical advice.

How to make life easier for the elderly at home?

• Have medication refills in place. Keep the numbers of your nearest Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinic handy.
• Manage finances well.
• Organize their medicines.
• Take into account their emotional side. Let them talk. Listen to them patiently.
• Spend time with them.
• Ensure they eat food properly. Set their meal timetables and make sure they get meals on time.
• Create a safe and healthy environment in the house.
• Arrange for their social life. A lonely elder in the house can become frustrated, depressed, and more challenging to take care of.
• Arrange for somebody trustworthy to take care of them when you are away. Don’t forget to install CCTV cameras inside the house.
• Let your kids interact with the elderly. Children carry good vibrations, which can help the elderly ease out their stress and illness. The same holds true for pets.
• Make your home elderly-friendly. For example, if they are unable to walk without support, ensure you put in handles and bars in bathrooms and walkways.

How to take care of yourself?

It is common to see caregivers becoming stressed out while caring for the elderly. Usually, people focus on the patient and forget about the caregiver.

It is important that you, as the caregiver, stay healthy (physically and mentally). Only then can you give the best care to the patient.

• Take your meals on time. Eat nutritious food.
• Keep snacks handy with you, so that you do not feel weak or dizzy due to long gaps between meals.
• Spare some time for yourself every day, either when the elderly are sleeping or are at ease and don’t want you at the time.
• Meditate for 5-10 minutes daily. It will help you face the challenges of the day, keep you calm, and make you more compassionate towards the patient.

Please do not ignore any symptom you feel. Do not overlook your own health while taking care of the elderly at home. Walk into your nearest quick family urgent care clinic in Arlington for a consultation.

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