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How to Take Care of Elderly Parents When You are Busy

Taking care of the elderly in the family could become a herculean task, if you are a busy professional. However, you can still spare time for your aging mom and dad through some smart time management. Remember, they, too, were busy professionals when you were born.

First thing to do

The first thing to do is do away with hospital visits. It takes a lot of time. You must schedule appointments first and then wait in long lines. If the doctor isn’t available, you need to wait for getting a treatment or try some other hospital. This is a hassle. Also, hospitals may not always be near your home.

What to do?

Get the number of Arlington family healthcare clinic for urgent care. They are centrally located and easily accessible. If your elderly loved ones are fine enough, they can even walk down the clinic on their own. It is that near.

The wonderful thing is:

You need no appointment to consult a doctor here. So, you can tell your mom or dad to simply walk inside the clinic and get their annual checkups done, in case you are not there.

If you want to accompany them, then you can do so during extended hours. This way, you need not take leave from the workplace. You can easily accompany your mom or dad either after office or at the early hours or maybe on a Sunday or a holiday. Family medical walk in clinic in Arlington is open all days of the week, on holidays, and on extended hours.

Family doctors

Doctors at the family clinic in Arlington can become your family doctors. Over time, they will know your family medical history when you visit them at regular intervals. So, people who have no family physician or want to change their physician need not look elsewhere. They can easily get one at their nearest clinic.

Apart from this, doctors advise busy professionals to take care of a few things in and around the house for their elderly loved ones.

Here are a few tips:

• If possible, you may have a caretaker in the house when you are not there.
• Make your home elderly-friendly.
• Install adequate hand-stands in the bathroom
• Ensure the stairway is designed in a manner that your mom and dad can easily climb up and down the stairs.
• Ensure there aren’t any “tripping spots” in and around the house.
• Make the patio elderly-friendly.
• Arrange your kitchen in a way that your elderly parents can do some cooking on their own, if they wish to.
• Keep the refrigerator packed with enough food and make sure you have nutritious food at home.
• Ensure safety alarms and proper door locks for their safety.
• Call them a few times a day from your workplace to ensure they are okay. This will also make them feel loved and cared for.
• Whenever possible, spend quality time with them. This is one of the most important things. The elderly feel happy when their children spend time with them. And when they are happy, they stay healthier. Happiness contributes to boosting immunity, say doctors.
• Give them the number of the Arlington family healthcare for any urgent care. They can call a doctor, in case you are not around and they are feeling unwell.

Taking care of your elderly parents at home should not disrupt your life. At the same time, you must ensure they live a happy and healthy life. Keeping a balanced approach works. Enjoy your own life and also make your parents feel loved. After all, you are what you are because of them. With urgent care clinics just around the corner, healthcare is not a problem.

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